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Are Nuts Toxic To Dogs? – H&S Pets Galore

Nuts: A Tasty Or Toxic Treat For Your Dog?

Nuts may seem like a good treat for your dog, but did you know that although not all nuts are toxic to your dog, almost all are packed with calories and have a high fat content which can lead to obesity, pancreatic issues, etc. It’s therefore as a dog owner to be fully aware of the risks & potential toxicities before considering feeding your dog any kind of nuts.

Risks Of Giving Nuts To Your Dogs:

Nuts are packed with calories that can lead to weight gain and if your dog is overweight or prone to gaining weight, nuts & nut butters should be avoided. As a rule, do not allow calories from all treats combined to exceed 10% of your dog’s total daily calories. To give you a good idea, 100g of most edible nuts (without their shells) can give you a caloric content of anywhere from 550kcal to 700kcal.

Nuts have a high fat content that can cause your dog’s stomach to get upset or can lead to pancreatitis where the pancreas can get inflamed. A typical presentation can include loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy and even watery stools. This can be worse if your dog comes from a breed that is prone to pancreatitis.

Nuts may have coatings that can be toxic to your dog, for example cocoa coated or chocolate dipped nuts, spiced nuts with pepper or garlic, can all be toxic. Salt coated nuts can lead to water retention which can lead to high blood pressure, urinary stones etc. All of these are dangerous and can irritate your dog’s stomach too.

Mouldy nuts should be avoided as they are toxic to dogs.

List Of Nuts:

Peanuts, Cashews & Pecans- Peanuts & peanut butter come from the legume family and are considered generally safe for dogs to consume, as are cashews and pecans, provided they aren’t coated, or salted, and your dog isn’t allergic to them. Look at the ingredients and make sure there are no artificial sweeteners such as xylitol in the peanut butter, as this can lead to hypoglycaemia and liver failure. Also know that peanut butter could have salt, fat and packed with calories, all of which aren’t good for your pet.

Walnuts- The black walnuts that people consume are toxic to dogs and can lead to vomiting, muscle weakness, tremors, fever and seizures and should never be given to dogs, however, there is a type of walnut known as English walnuts, which are considered generally safe. It’s important to know which type of walnut you are consuming, before attempting to give it to your dog.

Macadamia Nuts- These are a no no, as they are toxic to dogs and can lead to vomiting, muscles weakness, tremors, fever and seizures.

Almonds & Pistachios- The shape and size of these nuts, can make it a choking hazard for dogs.

In general, we advise keeping away from nuts as there are so many reasons to say no, whether it’s because they are high in calorie content or fat content, or whether they could be a choking hazard or worse toxic. The truth is, there are so many safer & healthier options to consider as treats for your dog and for this reason nuts can be safely avoided all together!

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