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15 Jan, 2021
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Sama Vritti Pranayama- Yoga For Beginners

Yoga Breathing Technique- Sama Vritti Pranayama- Equal Breathing Yoga

Sama Vritti Pranayama a yoga breathing technique that literally translates to equal breathing yoga, where the inhalation will last for the same amount of time as exhalation. This simple technique helps calm an individual and relieves stress by reducing the stress hormones in the body. It also helps you maintain your focus & is therefore used by many while practising meditation.


1. Sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor with your back straight (you may place a cushion under your seat if needed or if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable, you may lie on your back or sit on a chair).

2. Shut your eyes and pay attention to your breathing and inhale for 5 breaths or so.

3. Now slowly count to 4 as you inhale & count to 4 as you exhale. Repeat inhaling again to the count of 4. (make sure the lengths of your inhales match the lengths of your exhales, you can increase the count just make sure the lengths match).

4. Continue practicing this technique for a few minutes (up to 7 repetitions).

Benefits of Sama Vritti Pranayama

This yoga technique has the following benefits:

1. It reduces stress & anxiety.
2. It helps lower blood pressure.
3. It helps reduce heart rate.
4. It helps increase the focusing ability of an individual.
5. It increases lung capacity.


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*Video Credits: Michelle Brown

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