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11 Aug, 2022
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Connecting On An Emotional Level – H&S Love Affair

Connecting With Your Man On An Emotional Level

emotional level

It’s not just romance that is enough to sustain a relationship, there’s also got to be a healthy emotional connection between you and your lover. When it comes to connecting on an emotional level, for women it’s more straight forward, all a woman needs is physical touch, stimulating conversation, comfort, and support from her man. Connecting on an emotional level with a man, however, can be a little tricky to figure out, and it is this, which makes a man fall in love with you. The key is mastering what is needed to have that connect & it doesn’t matter if you have been dating him for 1 week or 1 year, creating that emotional connection and maintaining it, is what will keep you and your lover, hopefully, together forever! Just remember, that the emotional connection is all about engaging and connecting in a way that stimulates him.

Here Are Some Of The Ways How You Can Connect With Your Man On An Emotional Level:

1. Keeping It Sexy- Men love sex, and it’s not just because it ‘feels good’ or boosts his ego, but this is what makes him feel connected to you. When in a serious relationship, men equate sex with love and this is the language they use when connecting with you as it’s intimate and shows a vulnerable side too. So ladies, keep it sexy, initiate sex, do some foreplay, make him feel desired, this can spice up things in the bedroom and also makes him feel special as he knows you want him just as much as he wants you!

2. Get Touchy, Feely- Sex isn’t the only important aspect of creating emotional intimacy, physical touch is also an important aspect. You can show affection by getting touchy, feely by holding hands, giving back & head massages, hugging & kissing.

3. Get Interested & Involved In His Life- If you want to get connected on an emotional level, it’s important you take interest in his life by asking about his thoughts, short-term & long-term goals, hobbies & interests, favourite places to visit, his favourite sport, movies etc. Plan date nights or surprise him, keeping his interests in mind, like going to watch a game of footie or reserving dinner at his favourite restaurant, so that he knows he matters and that he is loved.

4. Be Positive & Respectful- Men love to be around women who have an affirming attitude with positive vibes, and someone who knows how to be respectful. Don’t be shy to compliment your man when a compliment is due, and be respectful at all times. Both these traits are key to a healthy relationship and help you connect with your man on an emotional level.



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