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09 Feb, 2023
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relationship habits

Relationship Habits – H&S Love Affair

Powerful Relationship Habits That Keep The Relationship Healthy & Strong!

relationship habits

True love isn’t like in the movies, where it is all fireworks and butterflies and, just so you know, true relationships aren’t all about kisses and cuddles. In fact, it isn’t glamorous at all, it’s honestly hard work. So whether you are getting into a relationship, or have been in it for a while, you need to ask yourself what’s important to keep the relationship strong and hopefully last for a lifetime? If you are thinking about setting ‘relationship goals’ then know this can be an extremely daunting task! How about you ditch the idea of forming ‘relationship goals’ and think about forming and practising good relationship habits?

1o Healthy Relationship Habits To Practice:

1. Deepen Your Friendship

2. Know That Not All Conflicts Need To Be Resolved

3. Talk Openly About Your Needs & Desires

4. Accept Each Other’s Flaws

5. Always Show Respect To Each Other

6. Express Positive Attributes About Your Partner

7. Find Time To Keep In Touch Throughout Your Busy Day

8. Appreciate Your Partner Every Single Day

9. Focus On Short & Long Term Goals & Work Towards Achieving Them Together

10. Do The Household Chores Together







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