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29 Sep, 2022
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In recent times, many companies have had a shift to a work-from-home model because of the COVID-19. Enterprises have figured out how to navigate their working systems. Business owners are seeking ways to make employees feel connected and engaged while

Business comes Easy with 3CX Call Center Software: With all the applications businesses have to train and add on for their operations, it is always a welcome relief to have an all-in-one system. You can make life easier for your

Talinda Express Introduces Power Backups for your home and office. Your business needs no interruption. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. When power is interrupted, or fluctuates outside safe levels, a UPS will instantly

Increase your Office Productivity and Mobility, Go Wireless! In recent years, there has been a change in DECT, WIFI, and Bluetooth wireless phone technologies. DECT IP Phones are quickly becoming a go-to phone in the retail and hospitality industry whereas

Grab All the Attention with a Video Wall! Are you looking for a Video wall installation in Kenya? Look no further. Talinda East Africa has got you covered. Your search for a larger screen display has ended. It does not

Welcome to Paradise – Technology upgrade at Almanara Luxury Boutique Hotel and Villas- We are always thrilled to announce our projects, but it’s even more meaningful when the project is set on one of the most magical destinations on the

Office VoIP Telephone System- With the rapid development of business communication technology, we have seen growth in the need for quick, easy and effective communication within the office. Managers want to call their team members within the office, a sales

Choosing the right Contact Center Headsets for your business- The world is quickly going online. Communication within the office is accelerated at each turn. The pandemic has only span the wheel faster and now businesses are looking for ways to

Make Meetings Better With Video Conferencing System- Technology advancements and globalization are changing how we do business People are increasingly moving to remote working plans and requiring instant on-demand communication. Modern companies are keen on growing and expanding into global

Present Now, Display Your Way- For quality meeting room systems, we help you invest in products and solutions that connect, convert, and distribute audiovisual controls, video conferencing, presentation systems, digital signage and audio systems. Meeting room solutions will cut

Anything for Your Guests All in One Place – Hoteza Hospitality Software- In the world today, IPTV is the new form of infotainment due to the influx and adoption of IP networks in most enterprise environments. Hotels are faced with

What is Linkyfi? Linkyfi is a simple marketing tool that utilizes conditional access to Internet to collect data about users. When logging into the Linkyfi platform users are encouraged to surf the internet for free with the possibility of getting

Our strategic partnership with leading brands guarantee we deliver unmatched solutions in education for digital learning. We tailor make solutions to suit your requirements and deliver advanced experience with the latest technology trends that guarantee value for money and future

The Future is Interactive – Smart Boards. Wouldn’t it be fun if in your weekly brainstorm with the team, two colleagues can write comments and points raised during the meeting at the same time on a whiteboard or label the

You are in Control, Wherever you are! Are you looking for Smart homes automation systems in Kenya? Look no further. Whether you need a Wired or Wireless automation system, or in the construction phase, or upgrading your current home to

CONSIDERING TAKING YOUR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Gartner Group research reveals that on average 68% of customers will have their initial contact with any company via phone. For many organizations, a call center helps increase efficiency in handling

RUCKUS networks work to simplify life for IT, while at the same time enabling the delivery of exceptional user experiences in enterprise. With RUCKUS, enterprises easily deploy, manage and expand IT networks regardless of size or advancement of the network.

As developers and entrepreneurs, you invest a great deal to provide a decent living space for MDUs – aka Multi-Dwelling Units. MDUs include: luxury apartment houses, villas, cottages, staff quarters, hostels and residential estates. Your residents see you as their

When designing a hotel, the goal is to match every detail to the guest expectations. From comfort and aesthetics to elegance and convenience, the systems in place should all marry to crate the perfect dream. While that is the key

Every day security needs vary. Talinda Express designs, tailors and supplies surveillance cameras to meet varying requirements from video surveillance, to content analytics and more. We render quality images across different lighting condition

For today’s infrastructure sites, Talinda East Africa provides access control solutions that are increasingly valuable for businesses. We design and deploy solutions that target evolving threats in organizations of any scale and type that are easy to monitor and manage.

Today, businesses of all types are feeling the pressure to re-design their wireless connectivity so as to accommodate increasing demands in their enterprise networks. The office environment just like a coffee shop is exposed to the influx of mobile devices,

For quality meeting room systems, we help you invest in products and solutions that connect, convert, and distribute audiovisual signals, and most importantly give you complete control of audiovisual systems. We create presentation systems for a diverse range of environments

With the emerging growth of cities around Africa and continuous compulsion to measure up to world standards, new technology has been the main focus. New properties and developments around the continent are coming up each with new cutting edge features

You are in Control, Wherever you are! Are you looking for Smart homes automation systems in Kenya? Look no further. Whether you need a Wired or Wireless automation system, or if you are in construction phase, or even if you’re

IMPROVING EVERY BUSINESS WE TOUCH- First impressions last. The credibility of your organization is greatly defined by your workspace and professionalism. Talinda East Africa works to transform your office with a great fit out that depicts your success and robust

Starting From Ksh 3,310, A call center is a customer service office in which people handle inquiries, support cases or sales via telephones. With call centers businesses stand to boost their customer loyalty and confidence. Most clients looking for certain

Guaranteed power and surge protection for computers, wireless networks, routers, and electronics in any scale whether home, office and enterprise businesses. Starting Kes 6,334 incl VAT

Today, surveillance systems - IP and CCTV, help businesses in monitoring, staff safety, theft deterrence, and confirming incidents. Employees feel safer and work with ease when they have knowledge that they are protected. When choosing a video management system there

If you have an office and are thinking about Business to Business and Business to Consumer communication, Talinda Express is your trusted partner to get your office telephone system running. We are experienced installers of business phone systems, PBXs and

Access control system- Due to the emergence in security concerns and demands, access control is more vital for every home and organization. The objective of Access Control is mainly protecting physical, IP network and human assets. Access control systems are

As the business world continues to go digital, there’s a greater need for companies to invest in securing their systems from cyber threats. Firewalls ensure that your computers and networks are not vulnerable to attacks and hackers by analyzing and

Stay Connected with Home & SME power backup- Your business needs no interruptions. Internet and Telephony are the most important communication tools and hence, they need to stay online at all times. With the evolution of work from home (WFH)

Video Conferencing Systems from KSH 31,842 all-inclusive. Video conferencing is an audio visual technology that enables users in different locations have face-to-face meetings/ communication without any need to physically meet in one common location. It is a convenient technology for