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22 Apr, 2021
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Talinda Express: Right Access to the Right People- Business Access Control & Home Intercom Systems

Talinda Express: Right Access to the Right People- Business Access Control & Home Intercom Systems


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Business Access Control & Home Intercom Systems

Access control system

Due to the emergence in security concerns and demands, access control is more vital for every home and organization. The objective of Access Control is mainly protecting physical, IP network and human assets. Access control systems are electronic systems designed to control entry or/ and exit into a network or premise. The system recognizes, authenticates and authorizes entry into the premise therefore ensuring security. Unauthorized people are restricted from reaching pre-determined areas.

Biometric system is one of the most commonly used electronic door control systems that use fingerprint, facial or palm vein recognition to restrict unauthorized access. When looking for full proof high security, businesses use different access control systems types such as Electrical locks, RFID, readers, card terminals, fingerprint terminals, face recognition terminals, door controllers, etc. Often door controllers and biometrics are connected on CAT5/CAT6 cabling on a site controller. Due to COVID-19 many organizations are moving to contactless authentication methods of access control for users not to physically touch the devices. This has led to more advanced and highly secure methods that are faster, more authentic while being safer. For parties involved.

Card Reader Access Control

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition Access Control


Time Attendance And Payroll

Time attendance and Payroll

Biometric access control also works as a time attendance control allowing access, tracking and recording data of employees and visitors through its access software. It is widely used since it’s easy to install while ensuring high security. Admins get data regarding people gaining access eg time in, time out, time spent. In addition, it can be integrated with the existing payroll software to give auto-generated information records. This saves time in data collection and recording increasing profitability and productivity of a business/ organization.


Enterprise Security

Man Trap common in Banks and Chemical Industrial Plants

Man Trap common in Banks and Chemical  Industrial Plants

Today’s enterprise environments with critical infrastructure sites like Saccos, Banks, Insurance, Hospitals are increasingly utilizing advanced access control solutions. Some of our enterprise level biometric door access control systems feature First-In User, Dead-man Zone, 2-Person Rule, Man-Trap, Anti-Pass back, that yield additional security for sensitive zones.


Home Security

Home intercom panelHome intercom panel

At the home front, there are multiple options in security access control. For instance, a home security system can be customized to meet a family or individual needs. One can integrate video indoor stations, video and audio intercom, burglar alarm systems, fire detection, CCTV and other smart home solutions for access control.


User notifications

As a bonus, access control systems often have application software that is accessible to administrators through mobile apps or web browsers. The relevant admins receive SMS and Email notifications on any access violation allowing the user proactive action when an incident occurs. To have a proper track of access control system, admin or security require notifications for leave, attendance, and access related events. Innovative access control systems work on standard IP protocol allowing organizations to expand easily from one central control unit with little further cost of ownership.


Talinda is a certified installer of HikVision, Dahua, Uniview, Zkteco, ABB security and access control systems. Contact us today for Home, Business and Corporate enterprise access control solutions.



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