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02 Aug, 2021
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Talinda East Africa: Digital Learning Solutions for Schools in Kenya

Talinda East Africa: Digital Learning Solutions for Schools in Kenya

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Digital Learning Solutions for Schools in Kenya

Our strategic partnership with leading brands guarantee we deliver unmatched solutions in education for digital learning. We tailor make solutions to suit your requirements and deliver advanced experience with the latest technology trends that guarantee value for money and future proof deployments.

Digital Learning Solutions for Schools in Kenya

Structured Cabling

In telecommunications and networking, structured cabling is the cabling system infrastructure in a campus environment that consists of twisted pair, patch panels and patch codes that work together to support different hardware uses. Good design and installation in a large campus like a school allows quality data and voice communication within offices, datacenters and entire school with limited disruptions and system failure. Thus all Phones, Access Points, Switches, Routers, PBXs, power supply and servers are properly connected in one system.

We deploy Category 5, 6, 7 (Cat 5, Cat 6, and Cat 7) cables, as well as fiber optic cabling. Structured cabling forming the backbone of all networking systems within the institution will require to follow strict standards during deployment to mitigate damage of cables, connected equipment malfunction, Electromagnetic Interference EMI, dust accumulation, overheating and lack of ventilation.

Improper Cabling Causing Ineffective Operations and Maintenance Vs Proper CablingImproper Cabling Causing Ineffective Operations and Maintenance Vs Proper Cabling

At installation and deployment, we maintain the following standards:

  • Over bundling cables and placing multiple cables on top of each other as it degrades quality of the cables.
  • We ensure cables are twisted together to cancel out Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) issues.
  • Cable labeling at each termination point to ensure traceability and identification.
  • Testing of each cable during installation and termination.

Converged Wireless and Wired Networks

Modernization is trickling down to every arm of life and schools are not an exception. In the digital age many schools are now integrating digital learning in the curriculum. From accessing library resources, to attending lectures, doing exams and administration, making calls, the school, students, administrators and faculty are connected with a strong network to enable this.

Talinda is committed to bridging the digital divide by delivering simple, reliable, and scalable connectivity within your campus and accelerate your digital learning transition. We equip you with wireless and wired solutions designed for campuses including access points, controllers, network switches, routers that ensure stable connectivity even during exams and other critical missions. Hence, if your faculty and students are using the latest technology with high bandwidth requirements, like tablets, iPads, iPhones. They can easily access high speed internet within the campus hotspots and work/ study efficiently.

VoIP Telephone System

With the rapid development of business communication technology, we have seen growth in the need for quick, easy and effective communication within campuses and education institutions. Admins, support staff, faculty want to call their team members within, procurement teams want to speak with suppliers regarding stationery orders, while sales teams are speaking to enrolling students. All these require a strong telephone network.

VoIP Telephone System

Hence, we created a simple office VoIP telephone system bundle for school telephony that would be beneficial for education new entrants and startups to reduce stress and confusion as they navigate through new markets. We provide IP Phones, IP PBXs, DECT phones, consoles, wireless phones, VoIP gateways, E1 cards, call center headsets all of which are beneficial to any large campus telephone system. Our Education Telecom Solutions are designed to meet the diverse requirements of an organization for better communication, collaboration and efficiency:

  • Hybrid communications using softphones
  • Multi-location communication with branches
  • Call Management with Single Click Calls
  • School/College Reception Management Features
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Single Click Calls for Quick and Emergency Calling
  • Announcements for Assembling, Staff Meetings, etc
  • Student Database
  • Unified communications


Interactive Whiteboard Displays – Smartboards

Today, every classroom can benefit from an Interactive Whiteboard Display (IWD). The full range of interactive whiteboards are designed to provide simplicity teachers and their students want. Smart boards are powerful teaching tools. They optimize remote learning and get all your students engaged by allowing you to connect your devices and technology in the classroom making it a smart investment in your education budget.

Interactive Whiteboard Displays - Smartboards

Basically, whiteboarding allows businesses to convert whiteboard collaboration to almost parallel editing. Most importantly, it works well when students are learning on topics they are not well versed with. A whiteboard provides a very spontaneous setting for brainstorming and sharing ideas between teachers and students reducing formality.

Benefits to the classroom:

  • High quality and affordable displays
  • Perfect tool for connecting the student, teachers and their devices, content and learning experiences.
  • Simple. Smart boards deliver simplicity teachers desire. They require low cost of ownership and are easy to deploy and support.
  • Supports IOS, Android and Chrome


Physical Security, access control and asset tagging

School campuses attract heavy traffic of different people throughout the day. It is important that schools are able to track and screen guests, staff and students walking in and out and guarantee the safety of resources and people. Consequently, schools today are investing heavily on IP Cameras, Surveillance systems, access control and biometrics, as well as asset tagging of the school property on premise to protect against theft and/or unauthorized access. We are at the forefront of security systems that safeguard areas within the campus like parking lot, library, labs, lecture halls, cafeterias, etc. Some areas require restricted access e.g. finance, lecture halls, exam rooms, and procurement, require restricted access to protect data and information. Biometric and RFID cards here come in handy.

Physical Security, access control and asset tagging 1Access Control, Asset Tracking and CCTV systems


Other products and services we provide include:

  • Firewalls and network security
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital Signage
  • Meeting room scheduling systems
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Antivirus and computer security software
  • Lift access control
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Our Education Solutions clients include: Strathmore University and International School of Kenya whom we have provided turnkey wireless networking solutions throughout their campuses in Nairobi that have helped them digitize learning.

We hope this article gives you great insights in your quest to find the education solutions that enhance digital learning. For further information, reach out to our ICT consultants and engineers by calling +254700446536 or email [email protected] to have a scalable solution designed for you.


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