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22 Jun, 2021
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Talinda East Africa: Give Guests a Fast, Reliable Wireless Home Away from Home with Ruckus Networks

Talinda East Africa: Give Guests a Fast, Reliable Wireless Home Away from Home with Ruckus Networks

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Give Guests a Fast, Reliable Wireless Home Away from Home with Ruckus Networks

RUCKUS networks work to simplify life for IT, while at the same time enabling the delivery of exceptional user experiences in enterprise. With RUCKUS, enterprises easily deploy, manage and expand IT networks regardless of size or advancement of the network. IT can troubleshoot faster and proactively address the evolving user needs.

With over 11-years’ experience, Talinda understands the needs of users across Africa. The advancement of technology in Africa has led businesses to investing largely in fast, easy to use and intelligent Wi-Fi technology and networks. Consequently, we partnered with Ruckus Commscope to sell and implement Ruckus products and services across Kenya and countries in the African region. We are a first tier Commscope Elite Partner – making us a trusted and certified seller, installer and integrator of Ruckus products, services, licenses and support.

Ruckus in Hospitality

Over the last decade, hotels around the world are experiencing the biggest change in guest behavior and patterns in Wi-Fi usage. For the ultimate online experience, guests want the ability to easily access, view, display and transfer content within the hotel fast and reliably.

Today’s travelers – business and leisure – are increasingly tech savvy and require the best speeds of internet connectivity for their work, research, meetings and social media. Providing your hotel with outstanding Wi-Fi experience can significantly increment your overall user experience and satisfaction and thereby reduce customer support complaints.

Ruckus in Hospitality

Did you know?
• 83% of hotel guests will report a poor Wi-Fi experience
• 36% do not rebook if they experienced poor Wi-Fi

Ruckus comes in to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Its suite of products is designed to meet different industries from Hospitality, Enterprise, and Real Estate. Today, over 70 % of the key players in the hospitality market rely on smart wired and wireless Wi-Fi solutions from Ruckus.


Why Ruckus is better?

Converged Services and Multimedia Support

With high performance access points, controllers and ICX switches Ruckus allows one network of converged network infrastructure to support all your applications such as:

  • HSIA – High Speed Internet Access
  • VoIP Voice over IP
  • POS – Point of Sale terminals
  • IPTV and IP Based Video on Demand
  • Digital Signage
  • Back office services

Converged services and Multimedia support Ruckus

Ruckus unified solutions for the modern hotel

VoIP telecommunications, IPTV video on demand streaming, IP Surveillance and Digital signage are increasingly becoming essentials. Ruckus design features patent adaptive antenna and beam flex technologies for stable traffic and latency optimization. With Ruckus smart Wi-Fi, you are assured optimal network performance for your staff and guests as it works to classify, schedule, and prioritize your network determining the best way to distribute the Wi-Fi signal.

Simpler Networks

Dynamic changes in the business environment are forcing hotels too to adapt. Ideally, networks should be easy to deploy and manage but this is not the case for most Wi-Fi products. A lot of technicalities and configurations are involved and can cause a lot of issues in deployment, maintenance and upgrade. Ruckus ICX switches are stackable; reducing the cost and time prioritized to network management. When multiple switches are stacked, they are managed as one single switch. Centralized management is every technician’s dream. All resources there in are converged making it easy to see through the entire network and add on switches with less disruptions. With one point of management, and zero touch deployment, troubleshooting and load balancing is much easier.


Cost Effectively Modernize Your Network

To remain up to date and keep up with competition, expanding network and IP based services within the hotel is a continuous journey. You want a system that is easily scalable to keep all your operations working seamlessly. Ruckus products provide smart antenna system expanding your Wi-Fi access point coverage two to four times further than competing brands and reducing occurrence of spotty Wi-Fi. Thus requiring fewer numbers of APs deployed per premise saving your business more buck.

More importantly, the growth of unleashed access points has revolutionized management of APs. Many hotels and cottages with few rooms can start their operations without the need of a separate Controller device and use the master Access Point to monitor the rest of the APs in the network. This too helps economize operations while still maintaining the quality standards of high speed internet.



You can count on Talinda for quality Ruckus Access points ranging from In-room, Indoor and Outdoor. We supply ICX and Brocade switches from 10, 24, 48 ports PoE with Fiber uplinks. For controllers, we have a range of solutions from hardware, software and cloud dependent on you scale and deployment preference.



We have deployed Ruckus in several hotels in Kenya including: Sankara, The Social House, Alba Meru, Pullman Nairobi, Ole Sereni, Dusit D2, Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club, and more. We are experienced Wi-Fi solutions providers for Turnkeys, Refurbishments and Upgrades. Contact us today to speak to our sales professional.

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