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18 Sep, 2021
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Talinda Express: Increase your Office Productivity and Mobility, Go Wireless!

Talinda Express: Increase your Office Productivity and Mobility, Go Wireless!


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Increase your Office Productivity and Mobility, Go Wireless!

In recent years, there has been a change in DECT, WIFI, and Bluetooth wireless phone technologies. DECT IP Phones are quickly becoming a go-to phone in the retail and hospitality industry whereas WiFi is taking a lead in the healthcare industry. Regardless of the wireless phone being a standalone system or an accessory handset to a corded phone, VoIP Wireless technology is quickly becoming the norm in the work environment.

At Talinda Express, our Cordless IP Phones have warranties, and support is given by our in-house experts. We are SIP compliant and work in partnership with most of the popular phone Systems on the market.


What to Look for in a Wireless IP Phone

Service compatibility

The market has a wide range of VoIP phone providers to choose. It is important to consider that the headset you are selecting supports your provider of choice. Whether you have Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other internet phone service, check the device’s specifications. This ensures that you can use the device with your provider.


Headset support

You have to consider who will be using your VoIP phone service. Is it a single person or an entire office needing access? There are headsets which offer expandability, whereas others are locked to a single device. If you need multiple phones, make sure to check the maximum number of headsets a system will be able to support.


Contact integration

Transferring your contacts to a VoIP phone can be quite a task, especially if your selected device requires them to be entered manually. When choosing an IP phone, consider choosing a phone that will support advanced contact transfer from your computer or if you have a large address book.



We have Cordless and Wireless IP Phones for WiFi VoIP Calling. They use wireless network to send and receive VoIP Calls with Wireless VoIP Phones.

Choose from different models and the BEST manufacturers in the industry, like Grandstream and Escene. Are you looking for a solution to make Wireless VoIP calls in your home or office, we have you covered with a Wi-Fi IP Phone to meet your needs and budget.

Get a Wireless/Cordless IP Phone today so you start making Wireless VoIP calls tomorrow! Have a look at our long-range cordless phone options for home or business use!



What to Look for in a Cordless Phone


Most cordless phone systems can be expanded, but it’s not always guaranteed. Therefore it’s important to know how far you can expand it. Will your system handle six handsets? What about fifteen? Thirty? Knowing how versatile your phone system can get is crucial.



DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. Basically, it’s a feature in cordless phones that ensure the phone has great range and call clarity. Additionally, DECT phones use VOIP services and can intercom with each other.


Battery Backup

For a Cordless phone to function it requires a battery. This is why they require base stations to charge. It’s important to consider your phone habits when choosing a cordless phone system. It’s also crucial to consider the layout of your office, home or the places where a charging cradle would be convenient.


DECT Phones

DECT Phones enable you to roam freely when on a call. DECT Phones are the latest in VoIP mobility technology enabling you to move up to about 150 feet indoors and 800 feet outdoors. DECT phones provide improved range without the need to boost the power. DECT Phones are a great product for your home, office, and construction site.

Get up out of your seat and walk around with Talinda DECT Phone solution. Look through the brands available like Grandstream and Yealink.

DECT Phones


Office VoIP Telephone System

There has been a rapid development of business communication technology in recent times. There is a need for quick, easy and effective communication within the office for smooth operations. Head of departments want to call their team members within the office, the sales team need to close deals with customers miles away whereas the procurement officers want to call their suppliers to order for stock. All these operations require a strong network connection.

With that in mind, Talinda Express has created a simple VoIP telephone system bundle for business telephony that will benefit small and mid-sized businesses, new entrants and startups, reducing the stress and confusion that comes with navigating new markets.

Our bundle features:

3 WiFi IP Phones (Wireless)
1 PoE Switch (4 port)
1 Access point

Office VoIP Telephone System

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