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16 Apr, 2021
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Talinda East Africa: Improving Every Business We Touch With Modern Office Fit Out Solutions

Talinda East Africa: Improving Every Business We Touch With Modern Office Fit Out Solutions

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Improving Every Business We Touch With Modern Office Fit Out Solutions

Talinda East Africa: Improving Every Business We Touch With Modern Office Fit Out Solutions


First impressions last. The credibility of your organization is greatly defined by your workspace and professionalism. Talinda East Africa works to transform your office with a great fit out that depicts your success and robust growth potential. We offer ICT turnkey solutions for office fit out from consult, design and installation of smart automation technologies, networking, telephony, audio visual, access control, physical security, structured cabling and meeting room solutions.

What is an Office Fit Out

It is the process of transforming a proposed or existing office space to make it fully functional and usable. Office fit out is a frequently used term in relation to new office developments, where the “frame” construction building is already completed developer. We are involved in the three fit out categories namely:

1. Shell and core fit out: Here this project type comprises of electrical works such and network cabling works of Category 5, 6 and 7 as well as Fiber connections. At this point the building project is comprised of lift shafts, cladding, external and mechanical works etc.

105 Manyani Cafeteria

105 Manyani Cafeteria

2. Category A fit out: At this level of finish, the focus is on adding items like blinds, raised floors, suspended ceilings, wall partitions. A very sensitive level at which we are involved in trunk designs, floor plan design and consult, as this may affect the end design plan when furniture and people settle in.

3. Category B fit out: Finally, after the Category A fit out, we have the closest category to office refurbishment since it encompasses all the type of finishes your office needs from furniture, kitchenettes, break rooms, boardrooms, branding and aesthetic final touches. Here your ICT equipment requirements come into fruition from Telephony, Wi-Fi hotspots, Cabinets and Servers, Audio Visual Systems like Video Conferencing and your desired meeting room solutions.


So what’s the difference between a Refurbishment and an Office Fit Out?

In general terms an office fit out is the works carried out when a business moves into a brand new space while a refurbishment is works done when a business wants to revive or refresh its existing work space.

105 Manyani

105 Manyani


Reasons businesses undertake refurbishments and fit out project

The main reason is Change. For some businesses once they outgrow their current space they have to move into bigger spaces. The place the plan to move into may just be an empty floor space where they have to come up with a new floor plan determine how to encourage collaboration, speak to their brand promise, encourage easy accessibility of technology to the staff, make an impression against competing businesses, harness a modern, rustic or industrial look, etc.


Who we are

As an ICT contractor involved in numerous Mechanical/ Electrical projects, Talinda East Africa has vast experience in capturing all these needs while in constant consultation with the client. We have a customer focus culture in designing a solution that will focus on your preferences as well as other parts of the whole like furniture, branding, architecture and overall look and feel.

Our goal is to help our customers create bespoke business spaces that they will enjoy and love. We always put over clients first. We are immensely proud of the work that we do when we take time to research and understand your people, your business and your culture. Focusing also on the challenges you experience, and where you want to be, we create a comprehensive cost-effective workspace solution for your fit out or refurbishment.

105 Manyani Exterior The Gulf Energy headquarters building consists of 1844m2 of office space and comprises of a rich composition that explores three grounding elements that feature as horizontal boxes The beautiful interior provides creative working spaces, and break rooms with wall glass partitions. Throughout the building we laid out a high speed Wi-Fi connection system including the same rocket surf speeds in lounge and rooftop spaces. We also provided modern telephone systems and Local Area Network connectivity for ease of work. The concrete walls harbor a strong framework of fiber and copper cabling systems with data points available all around the premise. Other technologies include Video Conferencing systems in the meeting room and networking equipment – switches and firewalls.


Since 2010, we are professional in working with specialized contractors. Our dedicated staff is motivated and highly skilled in turnkey projects mainly: Networking and Cabling, Audio Visual, Meeting room and Conferencing solutions, Telephony and Call Center setups, Access Control and Surveillance Systems and most importantly Wireless/WiFi systems and Smart Office Automation technologies. Our special team is instrumental in producing bespoke fit outs around East Africa constantly enhancing the modern work space architecture.

Office Fitout


What we do

Consult, Design and Integrate ICT infrastructure layout, equipment and solutions that will allow easy access to technology and effectively encourage collaboration even for those working from home. Our products and services include:

1. Automation – Smart Building Management Systems.
2. Network Infrastructure – Wireless/Wi-Fi Networking, Structured Cabling, Switching, Access Points, Controllers and Routing.
3. Audio-Visual and Commercial TV Systems – IPTV, Education Screens (Touchboards), Interactive Solutions and Digital Display Signage.
4. Physical Security and Surveillance – Access Control, Locks, Biometrics, RFID and IP Surveillance.
5. Voice solutions – Call centers, Video Intercom, Video Conferencing, Telephony, IP PBX
6. Advanced Computing – Data centers, Security solutions, firewalls, antimalware, antivirus and back-up Storage.
7. Services – Service Level Agreements(SLAs), Ad hoc support, Professional and Consultancy Services

Our office fit out and refurbishment process is structured to result in the positive change you need. Be it building productivity, teamwork, job satisfaction, competitive advantage or adding value to your stakeholders, we work to support your goals.


Reasons our clients choose us

– Customer focus
– Experience and quality turnkey solutions
– Timely and on budget delivery
– Turnkey solutions
– Flexibility in creativeness

Office Layout

We hope this article gives you great insights in your quest to find the best office fit out and refurbishment contractors in Kenya. For further information, reach out to our ICT consultants and engineers by calling +254700446536 or email [email protected] to have a scalable solution designed for your office, branches or headquarters.


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