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21 Oct, 2021
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Business comes Easy with 3CX Call Center Software Talinda East Africa

Talinda East Africa: Business Comes Easy With 3CX Call Center Software

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Business comes Easy with 3CX Call Center Software

With all the applications businesses have to train and add on for their operations, it is always a welcome relief to have an all-in-one system. You can make life easier for your staff with the easy to use full-featured 3CX call center software. A Call Center Software is the backbone of a Call Center making hundreds and thousands of calls daily.

The software guarantees increased communication and productivity through a centralized database. Various departments can share and communicate information about clients. Therefore, bringing forth greater accountability as every employee clearly understands their personal responsibility and customers. The software facilitates better access to a client’s data increasing the power to drive up sales and improve relationships.

Business comes Easy with 3CX Call Center Software

Boost customer service and save money with features like call queue, web conference, softphone, Facebook message and built in video calls. Furthermore, 3CX is remote friendly as it is accessible via mobile app or web browser on mobile softphones or laptops respectively. The call center software runs on an open platform that scales with your type and size of business. Compatible with most IP Phones and SIP trunks in the market this software runs on a server.


All-in-one System

3CX manages all customer requests in one system. The software has an advanced queuing system like Hunt by 3s and Round Robin that helps agents serve customers with ease and never miss a call. Customers are also in a position to know how much wait time they have before speaking to an agent. The system allows clients to be served from wherever they are sending their queries.

All-in-one System 3CX

Agents can live chat with website visitors through messages, voice and video calls. They are also notified and allowed to respond to messages sent from Facebook and SMS. In addition, by integrating 3CX to the CRM, personalized responses may be generated. Also, agents are better placed to know who is calling, since 3CX matches caller ID with CRM record. This helps track customer journey and query history for better service resolution.


Call Center Solution

3CX call center software is available on hosted, on-premise or private cloud server allowing onsite and virtual customer service. Customer history information is provided in one centralized system. Furthermore, the solution features Call Flow Designer. This enables agent efficiency in that customers are directed to the right agent the first time. Thus, avoiding transfers to multiple agents often leading to confusion and many complaints. Due to the softphone feature, there is no need for your agents to be in your office physically. They easily connect, respond to calls and handle queries from anywhere.


Record Calls With 3CX Call Center Software

Due to legal constraints, contact centers are expected to record calls for quality purposes. In the breath, managers use these recording to train agents. They monitor ticket responses centrally and use these for training future and current agents. Furthermore, 3CX allows managers to log into live calls and train agents through listen in and whisper. The barge in feature allows supervisors take over calls and assist clients improving service delivery.

Record Calls with 3CX call center software


Track Performance And Make Reports

Monitor agent performance in real time by tracking abandoned calls, wait time and customer feedback. From the switchboard, you can monitor queues easily and receive reports in seconds. Moreover, daily, weekly, month or quarterly reports can be generated, tracked and analyzed from the platform.



In summary, it is clear customers are embracing technology. As a result, there are many channels to connect with companies. From SMS messaging, Facebook, Website Chat to calling. When investing in a call center software solutions are increasingly desirable due to many advanced features. Your teams can use their laptops, headsets or soft phones to carry out their calls. Our list of features is a tip of the iceberg of what a good call center software can offer.

Talinda East Africa integrates 3CX call center software for businesses. Contact us today for a scalable solution. We are available on [email protected] or 0700 446536.


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