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17 Apr, 2021
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Talinda Express: Office VoIP Telephone System

Talinda Express: Best Office Telephone System


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Office VoIP Telephone System

If you have an office and are thinking about Business to Business and Business to Consumer communication, Talinda Express is your trusted partner to get your office telephone system running. We are experienced installers of business phone systems, PBXs and call centers in Kenya. Our team of telecommunications engineers are ready to support you and ensure that your system does not experience any downtime that will affect your sales and productivity.

With the rapid development of business communication technology, we have seen growth in the need for quick, easy and effective communication within the office. Managers want to call their team members within the office, a sales expert wants to a close deal with his customer miles away and the procurement officers want to call their suppliers to order for stock goods. All these require a strong network connection. Hence, Talinda created a simple office VoIP telephone system bundle for business telephony that would be beneficial for small businesses, new entrants and startups to reduce stress and confusion as they navigate through new markets.

Our Bundle Features:

3 IP enable Desk Phones (corded/ wired)
1 PoE Switch (4 port)


The Talinda Express Office Telephone System bundle is quite popular in professional offices around Kenya like agencies, law firms, clinics, hospitals, marketing firms, saccos, microfinance, corporates, schools, just to name a few. Typically, IP phones are connected through a Local Area Network or internet WiFI. The phones in this bundle can be connected only via your LAN as they are corded/wired phones. Calls within this system are made over the internet thus the name Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP. Here are benefits businesses enjoy from our business VoIP telephone system:


Manage calls Using the IP PBX, this system manages how calls are made in the organization. The IP PBX device is configured to make and receive the company’s internal and external calls. In some instances, certain offices, due to their organizational structure, prefer that all the phones can only call one another within the company and not outside. No external calls. This helps control or minimize movement especially in big offices and branch offices in multiple locations. This feature is also common in companies with several branches, hotel and hospital rooms, and is commonly known as intercom. Furthermore, the IP PBX can be configured to receive and make calls outside the organization. This is common in many offices where there is a lot of outward communication with clients, suppliers and support teams.

Reduced call costs It is important to note that no carrier fees are charged for intercom calls. This helps offices save a lot of costs. In addition, calls made using VoIP phone system attract cheaper phone carrier charges than calls on traditional phone lines (landlines) and regular mobile phones.

Expandability/ Scalability Our IP PBX has a capacity to handle up to 30 extensions. This simply means that offices can have 30 IP phones on one system. Therefore, an office can open with just one person, the sole proprietor – Mary, and with success she can grow her business to having up to 30 employees comfortably. Mary just needs to add an IP phone whenever a new employee joins the company. The phone is then easily configured into the PBX. This saves on costs of new infrastructure and systems that may complicate the system.


Talinda Express: Office VoIP Telephone System


Plug and Play feature Our office phone system allows employees to move from one desk to another with so much ease. Just unplug and plug on to the next office desk patch code without the help of IT and tech savvy colleagues. It is also important to note that once the phones and IP PBX are configured you can relocate your business and start over without the usual reconnection headaches. As long as there’s an existing LAN network, starting over will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Softphone integration Many offices today have employees engaged in field work like drivers and sales teams. There are also teams involved in external activities like going to the bank, meeting suppliers, delivery, etc. Consequently, these employees may need to make calls to the office and other stakeholders regarding company related activities. As a result, providing airtime can be tedious, expensive and difficult to track for the business. Our business telephone system acknowledges this. Thus, we provide softphone application which allows your employees’ mobile phones to work like their office desk extension, receiving and making calls. Employees can receive calls in the office and remotely using the office IP phone and softphone respectively.

Additional features that you enjoy include IVR Interactive Voice Response which helps organizations use pre-recorded messages to guide callers to different departments and deliver faster service. Again businesses can benefit from Music on hold, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Mute, Call Whisper, Voice mail and so much more.

Talinda Express is here to support your business growth and enable seamless communication within and outside your office. Our Office Phone System Bundle is Ksh 60,000 incl VAT. Configuration of the IP Phones and IP Pbx is dependent on specific user needs which may vary in scope from business thus not included in bundle offer but sold as an additional service.



Bundle include 3 IP Phones, 1 IP PBX, 1 PoE Switch (4-port)

Free installation where there is an existing LAN network installed.

Offer does not include Cables and Cabling accessories

Offer does not include configuration of IP Phones and IP PBX


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Talinda Express: Office VoIP Telephone System



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