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16 Apr, 2021
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Talinda East Africa: Create The Dream Home You’ve Always Wanted With Smart Home Automation Systems.

Talinda East Africa: Create The Dream Home You’ve Always Wanted With Smart Home Automation Systems.

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Create The Dream Home You’ve Always Wanted With Smart Home Automation Systems.

Create The Dream Home You’ve Always Wanted With Smart Home Automation Systems.

You are in Control, Wherever you are!

Are you looking for Smart homes automation systems in Kenya? Look no further. Whether you need a Wired or Wireless automation system, or if you are in construction phase, or even if you’re upgrading your current home to a smart home, Talinda East Africa has you covered!

What is a Smart Home?

A “smart home” is a house equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans. The Smart home is equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer.

Components of a Smart Home system

At Talinda, we build smart home systems customized to your preference, we build KNX or Zigbee based systems from different vendors in the market. Creating smart home systems customized to your preference to help control appliances, security and energy management. We strive to increase your safety, comfort and convenience.

Components of a Smart Home system

Smart Home components include and are not limited to the following;

Blinds (Curtains), Sprinklers and Music

We all look forward to the dawn of a new day when we open our shades, blinds, curtains to allow natural lift in our homes. With only one click on your tablet or smart phone this is made possible at the start and end of the day. Have the power to easily adjust your settings based on prevailing weather conditions. Do this while at home, in the office or even on vacation remotely. Protect your home from effects of dust, heavy rains and winds wherever you are. Moreover, programming your lawn sprinklers to water your lawn at 5:30 in the morning has never been easier with our smart system. You also get to enjoy acoustic music set to match the mood in different rooms like the gym, dining areas and bedroom.

Smart lighting control

If most of your home’s lighting is in the ceiling and controlled by a switch on the wall, you might be better served by replacing those dumb switches with smart switches and dimmers. That’s because a smart bulb becomes dumb the instant you turn off the switch controlling it.

Efficient light control assures that your lights go off when you go to bed. If you are at work and remember you forgot to switch of the lights, all you need to do is switch them off through your smartphone. While on vacation with the family, you can turn on or off your security lights from anywhere around the world.

Smart lighting control

Our smart home system movement sensors switch on the light when you enter a room and off when you exit. This ensures absolutely no waste of energy any more. With a single touch, we create different light scenes for every occasion, allowing you to adjust the brightness or colour of your lights to fit your mood.

Smart Speakers and Audio Visual Systems

What’s more convenient than pulling out your smartphone to dim the lights on movie night? Saying “dim the lights” and having a smart speaker linked to your smart lighting do it for you. The Amazon Echo Series and the Google Home series are the market leaders in this space.


Smart Temperature Control: Thermostats

The latest trend on this front is to equip thermostats with sensors that you can put in the rooms you occupy most frequently, so that the thermostat operates on the basis of where you are in the house, instead of triggering heating and cooling cycles based on the thermostat’s location, which is typically in a hallway you only ever pass through.

Our system helps manage the room temperature in your room in relation with the time of day or night or even the function of the room. In the morning, take a shower in a preheated bathroom. Get welcomed to a comfortable home with warmer temperatures in the cold seasons of May. To save on energy costs, heating is deactivated automatically deactivated when you are out of the house. Remotely control your ventilation, heating or air-conditioning for a refreshing feel. These automatic energy controls create a comfortable and energy efficient home.


Smart Security Systems

One of the most pivotal parts of the smart home is the security systems. Not only do they enable you to watch over your home or set off alarms in times of emergencies, but also can notify you when your kids get home from school, show you who is at your door, and enable you to give access remotely. In a smart home, you automatically activate your alarm once you lock the door. Detect suspicious movement at your door with our movement sensors.

Smart Security Systems

Moreover, if you are often out of town, you can set up a routine that gives the impression that you are home. Even with a full day at the office or doing errands in the market you can manage your alarm system remotely connecting cameras to the doorbells. This will help to physically or remotely monitor your access doors, receive security alerts and allow you interact with visitors without having to approach the door.


Smart Intercom and Door Communication System

Basic intercom systems allow you to speak to the guard house and receive guest. With Smart Intercom systems on the other hand, you can use the video chat feature to talk to someone in another room, or someone outside of your front door, such as a deliveryman or mailman. You can set up your entertainment by syncing your music to play through intercoms around your house. You can even send videos around your home through a smart intercom system. Further some homes prefer to personalize an intercom to receiving guests with a warm welcome message. Smart intercom systems are also integrated into the smart home control visualization system, converging the two requirements into one and saving some costs. When not at home check on your smartphone or tablet to provide or deny access remotely.

Smart Intercom and Door Communication System


Safety Systems

Fire, Smoke, liquid leakage and gas detection are proactive measures that can keep your house safe. Smart house systems incorporate sensors that can pick up these safety issues and send alarms to you on your mobile devices remotely.

There is so much more you can achieve by automating your house and deploying full smart home solutions. You could also build it up in phases, growing over time in number of areas you automate. These systems help you see through your home safety and energy efficiency while providing comfort and convenience.


Benefits of a smart home system:

  • Designed and built to your specific needs and pain points.
  • Save on energy consumption by connecting to light, heating and cooling systems and home appliances.
  • Smart security system that protects from intrusion can be connected to your alarms, monitored and can quickly alert security teams in case of emergency
  • Remote access and monitoring of your home wherever you are.
  • Door access control and monitoring
  • Easy and quick visualization of all your smart appliances connected to your home eg some detectors, phones, TVs, fridges
  • Provides the best entertainment spaces with acoustic music and light control.
  • A worldwide standard – our KNX and Zigbee products are a worldwide standard with high quality, reliable and stable technology that is ready for the future.

Let us help you manage your smart home instantly through your smartphone or tablet. Set your speakers, log in to your alarm system, adjust your lights with just one click! It’s just as easy as checking your Facebook. We are a KNX certified partner, we will design, build and maintain your smart home system.

Call us on +254 700 446536 or send an email to [email protected].


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