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22 Apr, 2021
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Talinda Express: Call Center Solutions for Flawless Business Communication

Talinda Express: Call Center Solutions for Flawless Business Communication


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Call Center Solutions for Flawless Business Communication

Starting From Ksh 3,310

Call Center Solutions for Flawless Business Communication

A call center is a customer service office in which people handle inquiries, support cases or sales via telephones. With call centers businesses stand to boost their customer loyalty and confidence. Most clients looking for certain products and services are inclined to call the seller for assurance before making any transaction. Others call for advise, help and after sale service inquiries. What’s more businesses do sales and marketing for lead generation, cold calling and follow ups to increase revenue, competitive advantage and avoid lost opportunities.

Great customer experience is the best ingredient for a happy and satisfied customer. A happy customer brings more business through referrals and repeat purchases. Choosing the right call center software for your business is imperative for client satisfaction, high productivity and cost effectiveness. A well designed call center solves customer problems, measures, enhances and analyses call support operations quickly.

The key essentials to start a call center include Headsets/ Telephones/ Computer, the Internet and a Call Center Software. Talinda Express specializes in call center solutions like Call center software, Call Center Gateways that work as a cost-effective backup when your landline network is down. We also provide call center headsets from Cisco, Jabra, Fanvil, Plantronics, Sennheiser, Logitech, VXI, and Polycom. Often, call center employees love headsets since they deliver comfort even after long hours of wear, enhance mobility and provide shorter calls times since agents’ hands are free to quickly check and resolve issues.



A Call Center Software is the backbone of a Call Center making hundreds and thousands of calls daily. The software guarantees increased communication and productivity through a centralized database. Various departments can share and communicate information about clients bringing forth greater accountability as every employee clearly understands their personal responsibility and their customers’ accounts. The software also facilitates better access to a client’s data increasing the power to drive up sales and improve relationships.

Of course, a call center is not complete without the actual office IP phones and/or headsets. Avaya, D-Link, Cisco, Fanvil, Grandstream, Panasonic, Polycom and Escene IP phones have lower costs per call than mobile phones and landlines due to the use of Voice over Internet to make calls. This also applies to calls made for long distances and overseas. IP Phones like headsets allow for easy mobility due to plug and play features as well as higher scalability in comparison with analog phones. They are compatible to majority of call center software in the market.

Receptionist uses IP Phones in the office

Ideally, Call center softwares should be advanced enough to maintain loyalty and fulfil customer expectations. There are three main categories of Call Center Softwares, namely:

  • Inbound Call Center Software – This is a web based software with inbuilt multimedia contacts. The system allows skill based routing of calls and self-service options when your clients call in. Incoming callers are directed to the service they require based on different dial in choices instructions from the IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Outbound Call Center Software – It works best for businesses with large volumes of outgoing calls. This system manages call requests optimizing on Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer features. Therefore, generating high quality leads and maximizing agent productivity.
  • Omnichannel Contact Center Software – It acts as an all-in-one solution with customizable IVR, calls, chat bot, social media, ticketing and email. This software recognizes a customer’s request from whichever channel it originates e.g. Facebook or email or call. As a result, targeted marketing, ticketing and follow up is much easier for your agents.



Great features in a call center solution

1. Diversified call center software user panels
Firstly, a call center should have three main users to work effectively. The participants are: an administrator, a supervisor and an agent. Ideally, these three users play different roles thus different views, features, user rights and credentials. For instance, a supervisor user panel has features like whisper, badge in and coach which are not expected in an agent view panel.

2. Auto Call Distribution
ACD is an applied logic system. It assigns incoming calls to the best fit agent by looking at the agent’s skill sets and availability. Furthermore, the system intelligently selects the perfect agent that can take the incoming call and finish it in the least possible wrap up time.

3. A single scalable call center solution
Many businesses deem best practice to choose scalable solutions that grow as the business grows. It is uneconomical for any company to purchase a new software just because they have added five new agents in the call center. Upgrading costs impact the ROI while software changes require high training costs and affect productivity. The best call center system comes in a single solution for all sizes and types of call centers, customer support and customer care centers. Some contact centers software like Hodusoft Contact Center Software (HoduCC) support anywhere from 10 to thousands of agents in a single software. HoduCC works in inbound, outbound and blended call centers. Since it is developed on a FreeSwitch, it handles thousands of concurrent calls without compromising on quality of customer experience, data and voice.

4. Predictive Dialer
Similar but better than an auto dialer, the predictive dialer analyses how many agents are on call and guesses when they are most likely to take the next call. It dials numbers continuously and assigns calls to available and best fit agents without the agents having to input the contacts. Brilliant… right? For example, imagine the Talinda Express call center has x number of calls. The predictive dialer derives assumptions on how many of those calls are answered by agents, get dropped or answered by voicemails or answer machines. This information is quite important when gauging KPIs and making staffing decisions.


5. Live View Call
Finally, live view call is a rare feature that makes a unique selling point for call center softwares. Available in the HoduCC Software, the live view of inbound and outbound ongoing calls helps review the performance of your contact center in real-time. Unlike conventional softwares, a good system does not require supervisors and admins to wait till end of day, week or month to generate reports. They are generated live at any point based on your needs.

In summary, it is clear customers are embracing technology. As a result, they are using a plethora of channels to connect with companies. One of the main systems of contact is calling. When investing in a call center, browser based solutions like call center softwares are more desirable due to remote agent features. Your teams can use their laptops, headsets or soft phones to carry out their calls. Our list of features is a tip of the iceberg of what a good call center software can offer.

Consequently, we partner with HoduSoft and 3CX to integrate call center software for businesses around Africa. Hodusoft incorporates advanced features like unlimited concurrent calls, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), intelligent call routing and WebRTC which are built to benefit any size of call center and business type.

We hope this article gives you great insights in your quest to find the best call center system in Nairobi Kenya. For further information, reach out to our telephony consultants by calling +254 700 446 536 or email [email protected] to have a scalable solution designed for your office, branch or headquarters.

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