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22 Jun, 2021
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Talinda East Africa: Delight, Retain and Earn - Tech-Savvy Solutions for the modern Hotel

Talinda East Africa: Delight, Retain and Earn – Tech-Savvy Solutions for the modern Hotel

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Elegance, Security, and Savings; ALL-IN-ONE Smart Guest Room Management Systems

When designing a hotel, the goal is to match every detail to the guest expectations. From comfort and aesthetics to elegance and convenience, the systems in place should all marry to crate the perfect dream. While that is the key to success, the hotel developers will be looking at reliability, longevity and costs. Thus, Talinda steps in with innovative, intelligent, integrated and energy management solutions in the name of Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS).

GRMS is an advanced hotel room smart automation system that provides innovative and efficient way to primarily control lighting, temperature – heating and cooling systems, privacy/ security and energy management. More advanced GRMS systems will cater to the guests’ entertainment and comfort needs like music, curtains, guest services and sleep moods. All integrating in intuitively designed touch panel interfaces.

Elegance, Security, and Savings; ALL-IN-ONE Smart Guest Room Management Systems

Our IT team works hard to bring you a broad array of innovative and dependable intelligent designs that are GRMS hotel brand certified and in line with KNX world standards. These are integrated to online electronic lock control, energy management, hotel CRM, PMS and guest services like housekeeping, engineering, security. The GRMS can communicated with central electronic locking controls, Property Management Systems, Building Automation and other hotel server based systems.

As a standard rule hotel solutions have to be multifaceted addressing:
• Guest expectations of convenience, comfort, safety, and aesthetics
• Hoteliers need efficiency, cost savings, convenience and reliability
• Hotels need to be a source of profit generation

Talinda East Africa works with you in adapting your custom GRMS control system to meet your unique requirements like hotel flag mandate, ADA, branding, and IECC.

Hotel GRMS Solutions

Talinda East Africa is a KNX and ABB certified GRMS consultant and integrator. Our smart hotel solutions offer a full glance of the hotel for staff and guests, with tech-savvy, easy to use and aesthetic products. Our occupancy based lighting, temperature control, security and motion detectors include:

Energy saving/ consumption.

In hotels, energy is typically in the top 3 highest operating costs. The impact is quite noticeable in all financial statements. While on the staff side energy can be controlled significantly, the guest rooms are a different story all together and can be difficult to control and monitor. There is a dire need to balance cost saving while conveniently delighting guests with a great unforgettable stay. Thus, hotels can use GRMS solutions to control Heating, Lighting and Air conditioning use within guest rooms. With dimming modes, master light controls, welcome-living and leave scenarios many smart hotels have saved between 20% to 50% of their energy costs monthly.


Lighting Control.

We understand guest room lighting is more than tuning lights on and off. It encompasses energy savings, creating memorable experiences and everything in between We design systems that comply with international building code standards of energy saving and conservation with an Occupancy Based Master Light Switch that is an all on or off switch for occupied or unoccupied rooms respectively without inconveniencing the guest. Light fixtures can also be controlled from the Master Light Switch so they do not remain on when not in used. In addition, the automatic lights provide focused task lighting e.g. bedside lamp, bathroom lights; or ambient light moods that focus on diming and brightness adjustments. We also feature defined scenes as needed by the hotel and guests.


Pre – Welcome Scene.

Once the guest enters the room they are ushered with a pre-welcome scenario.


Welcome Scene.

Lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), sockets and switches are permitted for use while guests are inside the room. Basically, the buttons will light up on the touch panel.
Leave Scene Once. The guest steps out of the room they will remove their key card or in other cases just close the door. Motion detectors activate leave scenario after a defined period at which point, all lighting, sockets, HVAC and music are switched off. In some cases, the AC can be set to a desired mode or temperature to the hotel management’s liking.


Check in and Out Scene.

At check in and check out, the desired scenarios can be set like make up room, set bac to standard temperature, open or close blinds etc. and all these is done while integrating with the hotel PMS for the best customer service and convenience.


Bedside panels

They provide universal ports for different guest socket uses. From the bedside the guest can control the master light switch, light fixtures, blinds DND and MUR according to their liking and convenience. This helps the hotel to easily saves costs as guest can easily switch off all the utilities when they go to sleep. Forgetting or being too lazy to get out of bed to switch off is very costly so having the switch by the guest room bed gets rid of all these excuses.


DND –Do Not Disturb and MUR – Make Up Room

The hotel MUR DND information display helps staff see if guests are inside the room, needs privacy, needs cleaning to be done, etc. The hotel solution has 100% glass touchscreen with hotel logo, room number, MUR, DND, doorbell and laundry buttons.

DND –Do Not Disturb and MUR – Make Up Room


Card Holders – Sockets & Switches

The card holder helps guests automatically turn on and off electronic items when entering or leaving the room. Room access keys usually RFID cards read information once inserted or removed the guests can contactless control room systems like lights, blinds, moods, music, depending on the hotel specified display buttons

Card Holders - Sockets & Switches



Add value to the control panel giving additional features for temperature control and monitoring in the room.



Talinda East Africa offers scalable, easy to use and cost effective guest room management solutions to control lighting, entertainment, temperature, privacy and security in the hotel industry. GRMS can be installed in new and existing hotels, with the biggest opportunity for energy savings in the substantial stock of existing hotels. We have both Hard-Wired Systems for new constructions and Wireless systems solutions for retrofits and existing hotels.

With the efficient room controllers and the seamless integration of the system components, our guest room management system enables you to realize significant financial savings throughout the operation and maintenance of the hotel. All these features are delivered with powerful smart room controllers that offer multi-language support, and elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with your decor. Contact us today for a free consultation +254700446536 or [email protected]

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