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22 Sep, 2023
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signs your pet may be in pain

Signs Your Pet May Be In Pain! – H&S Pets Galore

3 Signs That Suggest Your Pet May Be In Pain!

signs your pet may be in pain
Not every pet owner can know if their pet is in pain and this is worrisome for many pet owners as their pets age. However, just because they can’t verbalize their feelings, they can express it. But to be able to understand their subtle signs you will need to know your pet well & have a good relation with them. Below are 3 important indicators that your pet could be in pain.

3 Signs That Should Not Be Overlooked-

1. Change In Behaviour- If your pet has been acting strangely or in absurd behaviour, something that is unexpected or different from the normal behaviour, for example, change in mood/temperament, choosing to be antisocial or distant like being in a different room, not sleeping well, then you should understand that your pet may be in pain. Discomfort & pain can make your pet cranky and grouchy. There is also a chance that your pet may become more irritable over the course of the day due to the compounding aches. Another obvious indicator is that your pet may growl in response to pain or if you stroke, they may pull away as your hand may be touching a sensitive area. These signs should not be ignored and warrant an immediate visit to the vet.

2. Constantly Licking A Particular Body Part- Pets that obsessively groom one particular part such as paws or joints is a cause of concern. This only happens when they are in pain and the licking relieves pain by increasing blood flow to that area as well as increases the release of endorphins (the happy hormone) in their brain. If they have itchy painful eyes or ears they will also lick their paw then paw at it.

3. Unable To Eat/Loss Of Appetite- All furbabies love to eat. If your pet loses interest in food, then something is not right. Apart from the obvious oral pain from lesions, injuries, infections within the mouth there can also be other illnesses that cause pain and loss of appetite.

The above 3 signs are common signs a pet owner should never ignore, as they could be subtle indicators of not just pain but other serious health issues. If your pet shows any of these signs it means you need to take them to the vet ASAP. Remember, waiting only means more pain and worsening of the underlying cause, and without prompt examination and treatment by a vet, you may even lose your fur child!

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