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07 Oct, 2022
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Brighten Your Aura! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Brighten Your Aura, Brighten Your Life! – Submitted by Shahwana

Imagine what it would look like if your aura is not cleansed for days or months?

It will sink right…

Imagine you didn’t clean your car for years, or you didn’t clean your clothes for years! We can’t even imagine that.

Sometimes people are baffled as to why they are in pain or having trouble accomplishing their goals in life. It is because metaphorically speaking, their energy body is dirty.

Every time we go through or see anything unpleasant, all the crud, fear, anger, worry, and negative energy just builds up and builds up in your aura like dirt on an overworn pair of pants.

Your energy body is able to pick up energy from other people. Your energy body also stores your own emotions, fantasies, memories and traumas, as well as a host of other images about yourself including how you live, what kind of relationships you have with others, and more.

The aura is your key to making lasting changes in your life. Whether you wish to strengthen a relationship, kick a bad habit, or come closer to your divine purpose, the spiritual process that can bring about these changes begins in your aura.

When our aura gets cleaner, you will be able to freely experience your own energy more; you will be able to envision and accomplish your own goals, because everyone else’s negative energy is no longer blocking you on a creative level more easily.

You can get a healing by going out in the nature/meditating/exercising/salt water bath etc. Those are similar to cleaning or repairing your car yourself; you can get a pretty decent job done. But you can also get a professional job done that is kind of like paying someone else to detail or repair your car. It is usually much more effective and far easier. It also helps to work with someone else to see where your own blind spots are.

Through Meditation on Twin Hearts you can learn to access a vast array of spiritual energies to help you in every facet of your life

Why cleanse your aura?

People: Because you want to attract positive people and situations into your life.
Relationships: Because it will greatly improve the flow of our energy and enhance our chances of attracting loving relationship. It will help remove negative impressions from past relationship experiences from our energy field.
Money and Prosperity: Because it will improve the overall flow of our personal prosperity making it easier for money and new opportunities to flow through to you, such as the ability to start a new business, or become gainfully employed. It will help greatly improve the quality of your life force.
The only thing that procrastination does for us is to prolong our agony, take action today and take control over the flow of your sentient being!

It is a great honour to be a student of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. With simple hands-on techniques taught in Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga, our simple hands are converted to magical hands. Through these techniques, you can help yourself & loved ones in just a few steps.

Thank you, Master, for changing our lives and shinning our souls!!!

-An Article by Prana World


Shahwana Khanam – Pranic Healer

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