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Show Your Child Some Love

Show Your Child Some Love – H&S Education & Parenting

7 Ways To Show Your Child Some Love

‘Tis February, the month of love, so how about you start showing your child love, starting this month, as kids need to feel love & as parents sometimes, it’s difficult to know if you are showing & giving them enough love. Some of the precious gifts you can give your child is safety, acceptance, stability, and the most precious of all ‘love’. Of course, every parent loves their child, but that doesn’t mean your child knows that. It’s important to show them love, so they feel it and know it, too.

Some Of The Ways That You Can Show Your Child Your Love:

1. Listen To Your Child Keenly – Whatever it is your child is trying to share with, listen to him/her keenly, giving them undivided attention, being ‘all ears’. Whether your child is just trying to share his/her day at school, or wanting some advice, be present, so your child knows he/she matters to you.

2. Express Your Love Using Gestures – A simple cuddle, kiss and the 3 magical words ‘I Love You’ can go a long way. Your child needs to feel the love, and expressing it is important.

3. Spend Quality Time With Your Child – Don’t make everything a learning experience. It’s good to take some time out and have a one-on-one time with your child. It’s all part of making memories that will last. So make sure you get to spend some fun, quality time with your child so they know they are loved.

4. Let Your Child Know, You Value His/Her Opinions – Involve your child, be it in family decisions or dinner table discussions. Let them know you value their input. Be it as simple as, for example, planning on dinner choices, or be it as big a decision as relocation, involve your little ones and ask for their thoughts and opinions. Your child should be able to express and feel like his/her opinions matter.

5. Love All Your Children Equally – If you are blessed with more than one child, let your children know they’re loved equally. Never treat them differently. Of course every child is different, so pay attention to each child but make sure everything you do is done fairly and equally. So your children know each one matters.

6. Material Things Don’t Equate To Love – Your ‘presence’ is more valuable than your ‘presents’ to your child. Things can not and should not be used to replace love. Yes, it’s okay to gift your child a toy, but don’t use the toys as frequent excuses to replace your love.

7. Love Them Even When They Fail – Every child should be loved, even when they fail or make a mistake. Remember, no child is perfect, even parents can make mistakes. When your child fails or makes a mistake, that’s the most important time to show them you are there for them no matter what. Of course, ensure they learn from it, but be sure you are there for them supporting & guiding them.

Show Your Child Some Love
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