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Jannah: Home At Last By Dr. Omar Suleiman

Jannah: Home At Last By Dr. Omar Suleiman

Jannah: Home at Last

by Dr. Omar Suleiman

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Jannah: Home at Last by Dr. Omar Suleiman

A Spiritual Journey Towards Eternal Bliss

In “Jannah: Home at Last,” Dr. Omar Suleiman offers a profound reflection on the temporary nature of this world and the promise of an eternal paradise. This book provides solace and inspiration to believers, reminding them that every struggle and sacrifice in this life is accounted for and will be rewarded in the hereafter. Through eloquent prose, Suleiman paints a vivid picture of Jannah, encouraging readers to build and decorate their eternal home with their deeds and prayers. This heartfelt guide is an essential companion for anyone seeking to strengthen their faith and find comfort in the promise of paradise.

About The Book

Jannah: Home At Last By Dr. Omar Suleiman
“Jannah: Home at Last” is a spiritual beacon for believers, offering hope and encouragement through the trials of life. Dr. Omar Suleiman eloquently conveys that this world is not meant to be our paradise, but the promise of Jannah makes the journey worthwhile. Every difficulty faced, every sacrifice made, and every breath taken in remembrance of Allah are all steps towards building and decorating one’s eternal home. With poetic descriptions and deep theological insights, Suleiman inspires readers to strive for their place in Jannah, where unimaginable rewards and the company of the Most High await.

About The Author: Dr. Omar Suleiman

About The Author: Dr. Omar Suleiman
The Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman is a world-renowned scholar and theologically driven activist for human rights. He is the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, and an adjunct professor of Islamic Studies in the Graduate Liberal Studies program at Southern Methodist University. He is also the resident scholar of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center and Co-Chair Emeritus of Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square, a multi-faith coalition of clergy for peace and justice. Recognized by CNN as one of 25 Muslim American changemakers, Suleiman is included in The Muslim 500—an annual ranking of the world’s most influential Muslims. In 2019, he was honoured among 200 notable figures embodying the abolitionist’s commitment to social change by the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives. A native of New Orleans, Suleiman currently resides in Dallas with his wife and three children.

Jannah: Home at Last, a Yaqeen Series with Dr. Omar Suleiman


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