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15 Jan, 2021
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New Year Gift ideas

New Year Gift Ideas by Alvira Diwan

New Year Gift Ideas For That Special Someone In Your Life

There has been a lot going on this year, however, the new year brings new hopes even if it’s with uncertainty. The best we can do is try to be happy and make people around us cheerful. Break the monotony of an otherwise normal life by surprising your partner. What better than a thoughtful present for your partner, something which he or she will cherish forever or which would add to your memories.

Plan a Picnic – No, we are not recommending an outing. But just a small celebration in your garden or on your terrace. Make an aesthetic setup with some delectable foods to break the monotony of Lockdown and welcome the New Year with many memories.

Customized Hamper or Baskets – What’s better than a Gift? Many Gifts! Get a cute basket and fill it with all the favourites of your partner. It could be anything as small and as important for them & would definitely make them happy.

Something Handmade – We cannot stress enough on the fact that anything handmade is an excellent way of conveying your emotions and letting someone know their value. Letters, Cards, Photo Frames, Scrapbooks (Memories and your expression), Journals and DIY’s would be a lovely gift!

Anything Personalized – We live in the digital era where anything and everything is customizable. You can choose to get something printed or carved to make it more personal and unique. Like printed T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps etc or you could get carved accessories or stationeries.

Coupons or Gift cards – If you’re unsure what to gift them, buy them coupons or gift cards of their favourite store, hangout place or website.

Flowers – Everyone likes to be gifted flowers on their special occasion making them the easiest and safest gift ever. But to add a personal touch you can gift them the saplings of their favourite flowers and help them plant it.

Sweet Affair – Chocolates and Cakes are essential for any kind of celebration. Making and sharing sweets with your loved ones is the classic way of relishing good times and memories. Make them yourself, with your family or get it made as per your liking & enjoy them together.

Whatever you gift, it should have some meaning to it. A meaningful gift is always better than a costly one. The idea is to gift memories or hope for the future. Hoping that it brings good luck and prosperity in the new year and definitely more happiness along.

New Year Gift Ideas by Alvira Diwan

New Year Gift IdeasAlvira Diwan
Masters in Clinical Psychology
PsychWorks Clinic

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