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23 Jun, 2024
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The Importance Of Understanding – By Alvira Diwan

What Is The Importance Of Understanding, In A Relationship?- Written By Alvira Diwan

Any relationship is a result of efforts two people take. They have something similar to attract each other or something unique from others which make them attractive to the other.

A relationship is a mixture of love, passion, trust, understanding and loyalty.

The reason I am talking about understanding today is, that it is an essential part in any relationship. More like the light in the shadow. A relationship will not sustain on love if it lacks ‘understanding’.

Two individuals with completely different personalities in a relationship need to have great understanding for each other to build a strong bond; that would be the base of their relationship.

As a partner, one needs to know about the nature and situation of the other person and accept it, as it is.

To have an understanding in a relationship, you need to understand yourself first. What are your expectations? Your Feelings and Emotions. What makes you happy, angry or sad? What is your level of difficulty? How much stress can you manage? Knowing yourself is very important, being clear in your thoughts would make it easier for both you and your partner to develop better understanding.

Know your partner well. When you ask questions about your own personality, you get to know yourself better. Similarly ask the same questions for your partner and then evaluate the differences which will help you develop a better understanding about where & what you need to work on.

Don’t try to impose your beliefs on your partner. You might have different ideas on a situation, you might think that yours is better but always respect their opinion. Blindly imposing your ideas on them would only create differences in your relationship.

Learn to make compromises. Not everything would go as you plan. There’ll be times when you have to compromise on certain things, do it happily, don’t stress on sacrificing or losing something, because remember you’re gaining respect in a relation.

Give and take time before reacting. Quick or sudden outbursts often lead to regrets and guilt. Understand a situation or your partner’s perception before reacting.

Be kind to your partner when they make a mistake, being angry might be the normal reaction but it won’t make things right. Your reaction will always be a memory so be gentle with it.

Communication is an important part of understanding. Encourage your partner to be open about their feelings and emotions. Talk often on topics you feel would let you know more about them.

Be open about things that affect your relationship directly or indirectly. This way you will have a clear understanding of how you can deal with the difficulties in a relationship.



Alvira Diwan
Masters in Clinical Psychology
PsychWorks Clinic

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