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18 Apr, 2024
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Pop The Question With Caution – H&S Love Affair

6 Tips To Consider When Popping The Question!

pop the question
So you are at that point in your relationship where you and your partner have decided to officially take it to the next stage. You both feel it’s time to get committed to each other, and that’s beautiful. But don’t be fooled, asking the love of your life to spend ‘forever’ with you is not some small decision. Even though you are ready to pop the question, it does require planning and good timing to make it look authentically special. So, how can you plan a proposal in a way it looks and feels special? Here are 6 tips you should consider when planning to pop the question to your lover.

1. It Should NEVER Be A Total Surprise.
That’s right, if you and your partner haven’t had a talk on marriage and you have no idea on what your partner’s thoughts are when it comes to marriage, then my friend, you are in for trouble and be prepared to be embarrassed when your partner says no. Marriage is no joke, it requires mutual consent and commitment to be locked forever. What if your partner doesn’t want marriage? So be sure, you and your partner have had the talk about marriage, and what you both want from your relationship. Once you both are on the same page then you can start planning a surprise proposal as you are sure the answer will be yes!!

2. Ditch Memorizing A Long Speech.
Asking the question can be nerve-wrecking, and if you plan on memorizing a long speech, chances are you will freeze and forget your speech and will end up regretting it all. So it’s best you just go natural, keep it short and simple by having points written down on what led you up to this moment, why you want to marry your partner, ending with the question ‘will you marry me’. This way it’s simple yet heartfelt as you get to express your love naturally from your heart. If at all you want to say a quote or poem, don’t worry about reading it, it’s better to have it read then make mistakes and freeze.

3. It’s Not Just Your Big Moment, Remember That!
The day is about both you and your partner. Not everyone wants a surprise trip or a fancy proposal. For many the ‘grandiose gestures’ mean nothing, it’s about the sweet, thoughtfulness that matters. Also, if your partner for instance is shy and doesn’t like crowds, proposing in front of a random mob is not the way to go. You aren’t doing this to impress strangers or friends or family, this moment is about you both. Usually before popping the question, you would have been long enough with your partner to know what they like and dislike, so just keep that in mind. Also, if you both like different things, you can still find a middle ground and make it memorable for both. Planning is key!

4. Budget Matters!
Don’t go broke, over a proposal. Many feel a proposal should stand out, and whilst keeping that in mind, they go over their budget to throw an extravagant proposal. Yes, it can be special without it breaking the bank. Make it meaningful, and spend on what you can afford. If you need to take a loan to get the fanciest ring for your partner, then what about the future? Also, there’s no need to throw a party for friends and family, if you can’t afford it right now. This moment should be based on both of you, not friends or family.

5. Select A Date, That Will Be Special To You Both And Doesn’t Coincide With Another Occasion.
Birthdays, New Year’s, Christmas etc shouldn’t be chosen as a day to propose. Keep in mind, this day should be dedicated to both of you and focus just on that. Yes, you could pick the 1st day you met for instance as your engagement date, as it has a deep meaning to the both of you. But choosing New Year’s or Christmas or a birthday as your engagement date, takes the focus off your day.

6. NEVER Hide The Engagement Ring In Food Or Drink.
It is not just unhygienic, but having a ring hidden in food or drink can be extremely dangerous, especially if your partner ends up swallowing it accidentally. Also think about it, you have saliva and food all over the ring and you will have to clean it up before slipping it on, not a good impression!







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