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29 Sep, 2023
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FREE Spay & Neuter Campaign

FREE Spay & Neuter Campaign Is Happening In Mombasa!!

FREE Spay & Neuter CampaignSAVE THE DATE: 26th & 27th November 2022

Mombasa people get ready with your furbabies 6 months+ & bring them to the Makadara Grounds, Nkurumah Rd, Mombasa on the 26th or 27th of November!

Remember, by having your pet spayed/neutered, you help prevent unwanted litters, protect your furbabies against some serious health issues and can even help resolve the behavioural problems due to the mating instinct. We have done our part in having this FREE Spay/Neuter Campaign, now it’s for you to do your part!

See You There!!

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