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16 Aug, 2022
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How To Pick The Right Dog Leash For Your Dog

Dog leashes aren’t a fashion statement. When picking a dog leash security, safety, suitability and functionality are the main things to look out for. Leashes come in different lengths, widths, colours, materials and styles, but the main purpose of a leash is to keep your dog safe and under control while you are out in the public. It can also be used as a training aid, if used correctly. Let’s look at the factors whilst picking a leash for your doggo.

Why Use A Dog Leash

1. To keep your dog safe
2. To keep others safe
3. To Aid in training
4. To control and communicate with your dog

4 Most Common Types Of Dog Leash

Standard Leash
dog leash

This simple nylon or leather leash comes in 4 foot and 6 foot lengths and is lightweight, sturdy and affordable and perfect for everyday use such as to take your dog for a walk or for basic training. It provides control as well as safety for your dog. The only downside is that if your dog has a habit of chewing then this can wear out easily if chewed on.

Chain Leash

This leash is a more durable replacement of the standard leash and is available in different weights and thicknesses for all dogs. However, you need to be careful if your pet has a habit of chewing as this could damage the teeth.

Retractable Leash
dog leash

This allows you to vary the length of the leash from 4ft to a maximum of 30ft, allowing plenty freedom for movement. It has a nylon cord with a locking mechanism in plastic handle that can lock the leash along different lengths. These are the most popular, but there’s a lot to consider when getting this for instance the risks of rope burns & possible strangulation along with confusion for the puppy as it learns to pull. For this reason this leash should only be used once your puppy is trained.

Adjustable Leash

This leash varies in lengths from 3ft to 6ft and unlike the retractable leash, it allows you to adjust the length manually by adding or removing loops or clips along the length, without having that constant ‘pulling’ sensation. This allows control as well as offers freedom to dogs at the discretion of the owner.



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