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Painting Tips By Wendy Harris

Painting Tips By Wendy Harris

Tips For Better Painting Techniques – By Wendy Harris

How to blend colours together:

• Paint a background colour on the area to be blended.
• Using thick but not watery paint, apply the two colours to be blended up next to each other.
• With a clean dry square brush (should have brush varieties in your set) softly brush one colour across the other and wipe brush clean with rag.
• Repeat in opposite direction and wipe brush.
• Continue until a soft blended area is between the two colours.
• To achieve a better level of colour repeat the process with a second and even third layer. Only make sure you dry the paint thoroughly between layers.

Keep practicing and you’ll start to get the hang of it. Good artists are always learning from others so look at the work of others for inspiration!

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    About The Artist Wendy Harris:
    Spent my early years growing up in Kenya before moving to Australia.
    I completed my Art training at the South Australian School of Art and my teaching diploma. Whilst teaching I completed 3 degrees one being a Masters. This allowed me to teach and rise through the ranks as Head of Department, Art Examiner and Deputy Head.
    I love teaching and watching students express themselves knowledgeably through Art. I have taught in Australia, Papua New Guinea and United Arab Emirates.
    Now retired back in Australia I now have the time to paint and hence my desire to send my work abroad.

    Email Wendy: [email protected]