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05 Jun, 2023
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do not abandon your pet

Do Not Abandon Your Pet! – H&S Pets Galore

Do Not Abandon Your Pet: Abandonment Is Not An Option

Pet abandonment has become a serious issue, these days, where pets are being dumped on streets, or left in remote areas. This includes dogs, cats, including puppies and kittens that are found either in garbage bins and bags. When you abandon a pet, you are giving it a death sentence, because it has been dependent on you or in case of a puppy or kitten on its mother for its basic needs to survive. In a lot of countries, this is even punishable by law! The truth is, once you have made a sound decision to keep a pet, you are responsible for it from the day you brought it into your life! If you don’t want your pet to make more babies, then get it spayed/neutered. If you aren’t in a financial, mental, physical position to keep a pet, it is simple, don’t have one. The idea of having a cute furry friend can sound so tempting, but it’s important to understand that this comes with a lot of  responsibilities & requires a lot of time, money, love and care. No matter, for whatever reason a pet is abandoned, it is the pet that always suffers the most! The good news is, many of the reasons given for abandoning pets, can actually be avoided, you can ask your family and friends to get them rehomed, or if at all rehoming isn’t possible, perhaps take them to a reputable animal welfare organization to help you rehome your pet.

When You Abandon A Pet:

1. You Should Know That The Fate Of Your Abandoned Pet Is Almost Always Tragic- Very few cats & dogs are lucky to be rescued in time, by shelters, or people who may have found them. Majority of the abandoned animals are not that lucky as they need to fend for themselves and live a rough life on the street, something they haven’t been exposed to. For puppies & kittens that are abandoned early in life, before being weaned, will ALMOST ALWAYS DIE!

2. You Are Adding More Burden On Animal Shelters & Rescues- Animal shelters/rescues are already impacted and have so many animals waiting in line to be adopted. By abandoning your pet, you are adding a burden on these impacted shelters/rescues. Most of these shelters/rescues are run on donations to provide care for so many unwanted animals, so abandoning your pet means, not only adding financial stress, because of full capacity a lot of the animals may end up being euthanized!

3. You Are Contributing To An Already Existing Stray Animal Overpopulation- If you haven’t been a responsible pet owner, and haven’t neutered your pet or abandoned puppies and kittens, the chances are these will go on to contributing to an already existing stray animal overpopulation, which means, their offspring will be born on the streets, facing a tough life, fighting for their survival!


Recently, TNR came across a litter of 7 newborn puppies that were abandoned and left to die in the cold. Lucky for these poor babies, they were rescued. 

do not abandon your pet

If you want to help by either volunteering to foster email [email protected] or if you want to donate to help the newborn puppies, kindly donate via TNR’s Paybill number: 921498, Account: Newborn Puppies. For those who would like to adopt can also visit TNR.

To volunteer or request assistance with a street animal, please contact us during office hours on
+254743 618 892 or email [email protected]

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