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Sleep Comfortably With Accessories From Vitafoam

Vitafoam Mattresses

Accessories From Vitafoam

Sleep Comfortably With Accessories From VitafoamVitafoam’s accessories are sure to help you have a peaceful sleep. The accessories include Hollow fibre pillows, cushions, duvets, mattress protectors, bedding, foam sheets, memory toppers & bed bug sprays all at a fantastic rate!!

Hollow Fibre Pillows

Accessories By VitafoamFilled with hollow fiber, These pillows have sufficient warmth- retaining power and flexibility. They are of good quality, easy to maintain and reasonably priced.

Non-Allergenic, 100% Polyester  and washable.


From KES 800.00-KES 1,000.00




Accessories Made of polyester hollow fibre this duvet is luxuriously soft and versatile which means you can machine or hand washed


From KES 2,650.00-KES 5,750.00



Soft Cushions

AccessoriesMade from soft hollow fibre. Can be used for various purposes ranging from sit/bed decorators or as sleep pillows.


From KES 410.00-KES 850.00


Mattress Protector

AccessoriesA mattress protector acts as an allergy barrier. By encasing your mattress in a protective cover, it eliminates access of bedbugs to your mattress. It will seal the mattress and box spring, keeping bugs in the mattress trapped (where they will eventually die) while also keeping new bugs out.


From KES 1,375.00-KES 2,280.00




AccessoriesComes various densities which includes: Light Duty, Medium duty, Heavy Duty, Super heavy Duty and Recon.


From KES 165.00-KES 885.00



Memory Topper

AccessoriesWe used the NASA technology to develop the memory foam Topper. Comes in various sizes to suit your mattress. It’s full benefits are experienced when placed on an extra firm mattress such as the orthopedic. It creates a softer sleep surface to protect you from body aches.


From KES 7,900.00-KES 17,800.00




AccessoriesIt comes in as set of Flat sheet, Fitted sheet and pillow case(s). It made of srong micro fibre yarns with a silk soft touch similar to 1600 thread count Egyptian Cotton deep pocket sheets


From KES 1,500.00-KES 2,250.00



Foam Sheets

AccessoriesComes various densities which includes: Light Duty, Medium duty, Heavy Duty, Super heavy Duty and Recon.


From KES 7,200.00



Bed Bug Spray (VITASHIELD)

AccessoriesBedbug and dustmite exterminator made from all natural enzymes which reacts violently with insects, exoskeleton, eradicating infestation without the use of harmful pesticides.


From KES 2,250.00-KES 4,250.00


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