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22 Jun, 2024
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Dhruva Patel

If I Was Immortal, I Would Matriculate Every 7 Years.. written by Dhruva Patel


Have you ever decided to walk into the jewellery store at the mall but somehow realise that your feet are making their way into the medical section of the bookstore right opposite the jewellery store? Well, my feet love doing this to me!
And then, do you feel the monster inside your gut writhing with hunger and wanting to spill out of you and drink in all the words floating inside the plethora of books spread out in front of you at the library or at the book store? Well, my monster is certainly immortal and seems to be growing bigger and taller after chugging down pages and pages of romantic literature and astrophysics.

I used to wonder whether nursing a voracious appetite for knowledge and wisdom is an outlier in the realms of sanity until I was raked with the realisation that there is nothing better than being high on deep thought processes and the vapour of wisdom that spreads like sweet elixir inside the brain, mind and body. It is the higher thinking, higher philosophy and higher ethics that I am in love with. I am simply and unapologetically passionate about knowledge and enlightenment and the universal teachings of Love, Compassion and Wisdom. (And Love) Wink wink!


A powerful relationship exists between knowledge and wisdom. The thought processes initiated by understanding knowledge spawns a radiating surge of wisdom.
Knowledge (“Ledger of” facts) is not meant to be crammed. It is meant to be appreciated, understood and enjoyed during the process of receiving it. Imagine your brain as a soft vulnerable sponge that can absorb any form of knowledge that will benefit you.

The fact that we will live this life once makes our perception of life as a priceless blessing. However, a lot of times I wish I was immortal just so that I could enjoy matriculating from completing studies in Selenology, Anthropology, Cardiology, Lexicography, and Multivariable Calculus. The list would be endless for me!

Constantly being in touch with my thoughts adds to my wisdom. When the thoughts are deep, the victory in extracting the wisdom is too sweet. It is almost inexplicable. The more recondite the thought, the enlightening wisdom is even more thrilling.

My deepest values create and fuel the purpose that lives in me bigger than the life I am living. This purpose engenders a constellation of self – generating dedication, which strengthens my mind incessantly. My purpose is a gluttonous acquisition of knowledge and wisdom that shall guide my contribution towards the welfare of earth and my people.


Dhruva PatelArticle written by: Dhruva Patel (ACCA, MBA; Aspiring CFA)

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