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24 Apr, 2024
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Kathak- A Story Of Vibrant Dance By Vishakha Shah

The Short Story Of Kathak

The name ‘kathak’ is derived from the Sanskrit word katha or story referred to in ancient and medieval literature.
With an impulse to dazzle the audience with it’s heart-throbbing bursts of rhythmic virtuosity & to enchant with its delicate, lyrical exploration of romantic & devotional poetry.

The influence is dated back to the time of the Mughal dynasty and the Islamic dynasty from Persia in central and northern India. Initially it was performed by devadasis (servants of god) and courtesans in courts for the Kings.

Now it’s a current Indian classical dance which depicts grace, etiquette, and rhythmic grandeur. You can see a lot of resemblance in Flamenco as well, with intriguing feet patterns. One of the characteristics of the kathak  technique is the use of spins or pirouettes (chakkars) done over and over again, sometimes up-to 50 in one go.

Here is a short video to show you this beautiful dance form which has skill.

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