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03 Oct, 2023
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H&S Chef Of The Month: Meet Chef Stephen Kamau

H&S Chef Of The Month: Meet Chef Stephen Kamau

H&S Chef Of The Month

H&S Chef Of The Month: Meet Chef Stephen Kamau
Chef Stephen Kamau

Nationality: Kenyan

Interview With H&S Magazine

Who Is Stephen Kamau?

I am commonly referred to as Chef Steve. I was born and raised in Limuru, a chilly region in Kiambu County, renowned for its tea leaves and the esteemed Bata shoes company. Growing up as the second-born among five siblings, I cherish the memories of my family, though we tragically lost one of my sisters. Presently, I am happily married to my wonderful wife, Sheila Vuhashio Kamau, who originates from Western Kenya. Together, we are blessed with three beautiful children: Kate, Claire, and Calvin. As a chef, I am deeply committed to both my family’s aspirations and my culinary career, which ignites a profound passion within me. I am a diligent and hard-working individual, striving to achieve excellence in every endeavour I undertake.


Type Of Cuisine?

I prefer African cuisine due to my African background, and I firmly believe in the potential to elevate our African cuisine to unparalleled heights. By embracing our unique ingredients, exploring their flavours, and incorporating them into the global culinary landscape, we can create a remarkable culinary experience.


What Inspired You To Become A Chef?

I have always wanted to be a chef, as it has been my passion since I was a young boy. I would avidly watch cooking competitions featuring renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay and many others who inspired me to be who I am today.


What Is The Biggest Challenge You Have Faced In The Culinary Industry?

Some of the major challenges I’ve faced in the culinary industry include:

1. Power outages during busy shifts
2. Kitchen drainage overflows
3. Water shortages in the middle of a busy shift

These obstacles have tested my problem-solving skills, adaptability, and ability to maintain operational efficiency despite unexpected disruptions.


What’s Your Biggest Achievement In The Culinary Industry?

The journey from being a commis chef to becoming a head chef has been an incredible achievement for me. It’s a path that many chefs can relate to, as it is filled with both crazy and amusing moments. Every day has been a new opportunity for accomplishment and growth. I have embraced and enjoyed every challenge that came my way, cherishing the experiences and the lessons they brought.


When It comes To Cooking, What Is More Important To You, The Technique, The Ingredients Or The Creativity?

When it comes to cooking, mastering various techniques, using quality ingredients, and unleashing creativity are essential for becoming a skilled chef. However, the key to success lies in having an ample supply of ingredients. The abundance and diversity of ingredients play a vital role in creating extraordinary culinary experiences.


Recipe Of The Week: BBQ Chicken Wings

Chef Stephen Kamau
The Chicken Wings


• 12 pieces of chicken wings
• Pinch of white pepper
• Salt to taste
• 1 Tbsp garlic paste
• 5ml lemon juice
• Oil for deep-frying

The BBQ Sauce


• 500ml BBQ sauce
• 200ml tomato ketchup
• 2 Tbsp brown sugar
• 1 Tbsp mustard sauce
• 1 Tbsp lemon juice
• 1 Tbsp black pepper
• 20gm mixed herbs
• 1 red onion, finely chopped
• 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
• 50ml pineapple juice


Preparation: The Chicken Wings

Wash the wings thoroughly & dry them properly. Next, season with a pinch of white pepper, salt, lemon juice and garlic paste & let the wings sit for 30 minutes. After they have marinated, deep-fry them in cooking oil until golden brown.


Preparation: The BBQ Sauce

Mix all ingredients together apart from onion, garlic, oil & mixed herbs in a bowl together. On medium heat, add 50ml of cooking oil of your choice in a pan, add onions & fry until golden brown, then add garlic and mixed herbs & let this cook for 1 minute on low heat. Next, add all the mixture from the bowl and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Once the wings are ready, add them and coat them well in the sauce, and let them cook together for 2 minutes.



On a plate or a serving dish, place the chicken wings with the delicious sauce and serve hot with a side of garlic chips.

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