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19 Sep, 2021
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Floating Shelves – H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Floating Shelf Ideas Just For You!

Floating shelves are modern, sleek, and perfect to enhance your home decor. They are trendy, super chic, and most of all functional when it comes to storage and displaying your favourite & most treasured art. They can be used in any space be it your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Due to the almost concealed supporting brackets within the shelf, they appear to float against the wall, hence their name ‘floating shelves’. They are a modern and unique solution & offer decorators plenty of accessorizing options as these shelves can stand alone, in a group, or in a stacked arrangement, as well as help, maximize floor space. Below are some floating shelf ideas just for you!


1. Boring Wall No More-

floating shelves
Do you have a blank wall that you’re tired of staring at? You can now create a playful display by using different sizes of group shelves to create a 3D wall collage.


2. Kitchen Storage Shelves-

If you want to supplement kitchen storage, then floating shelves is what you need. They’re perfect as they let you place things exactly where they’re needed most. You can have ‘grab-and-go storage for your daily dishware!


3. Floating Shelf In Your Bathroom-

floating shelves
If you find your bathroom is small and doesn’t have enough storage space, you can use a standalone floating shelf on empty wall space and place it strategically either above the toilet or near your vanity to provide the smart and sleek alternative to hold all your essential toiletries or decorative pieces such as vases.


4. Functional Home Office Space-

If you work from home and have a small home office you can still make your little space functional by hanging some floating shelves that can hold your books, inspirational art pieces, organizers to hold your office supplies, files and so much more.

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