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22 Jun, 2021
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Change Your Life In 7 Steps – Positive Reflection Of The Week

How To Change Your Life In 7 Steps

Don’t you wish you could be more than what you already are?

Isn’t there more that you can get out of life?

If you could become more or do more, what would you become or do?

Desire is a funny thing. We all have it, yet most of us are afraid to share our desires with the world. It’s almost as though we should be ashamed of desiring the things we want.

But guess what? It is okay to want to have more money or invite love into your life. Or even want to have things without having to work too hard for them.

So what should you do in order to live out your desires? Turn your life around! Simple!

In this article, I want to share with you 7 steps that can help you achieve all that you desire. Ready? Let’s do this.

It is very important, first to identify your Intention behind what you want. Many people confuse intention for desire, but they are not the same. Your Desire is your What. Whereas your Intention is your Why.

So, why do you want more money? Or why are you seeking love? Perhaps you want love because you want to experience what it’s actually like to be fully wanted by someone. Or maybe you want more money because you don’t want to be scrambling from paycheck to paycheck.

Whatever it is that you want, identify very clearly why you want it. This will give you a strong reason to fulfill your desire and do what it takes to get it.

Once you have identified your intention and you have combined that with your desire, you can now work on how to achieve what you want.

This is where your power steps come in because you get to decide what you need to do in order to achieve your desires.

Because you get to decide what to do, you give yourself the Power to determine what steps to take.

For instance, you want more money (desire) because you are tired of hustling (intention) so you decide to (power step) look for another source of income that can complement whatever you are already earning. But how, or what will this outsource of income be?

By asking how and why you are actually working out ways in which you can find ways of achieving your desire. But, you need to ensure you ask the right questions.

Consider, “How can I make more money?” against the question, “How can I increase my current income by Kes 5,000 – 10,000?” Which one seems more doable?

You can even take it further and ask something like, “What kind of work will allow me to earn additional Kes 5,000 – 10,000 a month?”

The more specific you get with the questions, the more easier it will be to identify what steps you need to take to achieve your desires. See, told you it would be simple!

Now that you have identified the steps, you need to work on them religiously day in, day out no matter what. Make time during the day to ensure that you are working on the steps you have identified. This brings us to our next step…

The easiest way to explain this principle would be to place an empty bowl at your work desk, and every time you work on getting closer to achieving your desires, you add a pebble to it.
It does not matter whether you worked ten minutes or two hours on it, add a pebble. Towards the end, when you are close to achieving your goal, you will appreciate how much work and effort went into it.

When you see that bowl of pebbles, you will know that what was once impossible is now almost a reality. By being able to measure your progress, you get a much greater sense of appreciation for having all that you have, and claiming what you desire.

At first, you might fail and have to try several options, but, remember, one failed idea is the birth of one million others ways to get things to work out your way.

And lastly..

Now that you have figured out the process to get what you desire, repeat the same steps to achieve your other desires. It’s really that simple!

I would be interested to know if you applied the above steps to achieve any of your goals and desires and how it turned out for you.

As someone said, if you don’t like something about your life, change it. You are not a TREE!

change your lifeAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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