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01 Mar, 2024
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Kenyan Beautypreneur Embraces Crocs as the Go-to Shoe to Feel and Look Beautiful

Kenyan Beautypreneur Embraces Crocs as the Go-to Shoe to Feel and Look Beautiful

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Suzie raves about the brand’s commitment to comfort

Suzie Wokabi is a mother, a wife, a speaker, a consultant, and a proud beautypreneur who launched Kenya’s first make-up brand: SuzieBeauty. Inspired by beauty, Africa, and her family, she celebrates and champions everything beautiful and authentic.

Most recently, she’s fallen for Crocs™!

“My boys were my inspiration to try out Crocs, and I totally get why they love them so much!” says Suzie. “Crocs is always fun without being overly trendy. They remain a relevant fashion statement.”


Ananda With The Boys Suzie Beauty


Come As You Are with Suzie and Crocs

Comfort and self-expression are important to Suzie. That’s why she celebrates the Crocs brand and its shoes. She sees Crocs as an equaliser with shoes for everyone, and Crocs’ iconic slogan, “Come As You Are”, resonates deeply with her.

“To me, Come As You Are means take me as I am. I’m good with myself, how I look, and how I feel,” says Suzie.

Unbound by trend or tradition, Crocs is committed to giving its fans what they want: accessible, affordable, and comfortable footwear.

“I appreciate the inspired innovation that the brand is about,” Suzie adds. “Crocs watches and listens to its audience, and that’s evident.”


How Suzie Styles Her Crocs

When it’s time to go out, whether to a party or the beach, Suzie likes to grab her Crocs and keep things simple. Her favourite style is the Classic Clog, which she sees as a beautiful representation of the brand’s authenticity.

“As a brand builder myself, authenticity is everything. The Classic Clog fits in there for me,” shares Suzie.

Classic Clogs compliment Suzie’s bohemian style perfectly. Flared pants, long skirts and dresses, and Classic Clogs are staples in her cupboard, and it’s easy to see why when she admits that comfort is a priority.

“To me, Crocs just screams comfort, and I’m ALL about that,” says Suzie

Suzie and her boys lived in their Crocs for the holiday season – staying comfortable and casual amid the quality family time, Christmas traditions, and busyness. During the holidays, Suzie opted for long dresses and kaftans to feel and look stylish and comfy at the same time.


Crocs Kenya With Suzie Wokabi

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Crocs is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, combining comfort and style that our consumers know and love. The Company’s brands include Crocs and HEYDUDE, and our products retail in more than 85 countries through wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels.

We believe that comfort is the key to happiness and our legendary Crocs comfort makes the world a happier place, one pair of shoes at a time.

We are tireless in pursuing new comfort technologies and developing revolutionary materials that are lighter, softer and more flexible than ever imagined.
Everyone should be comfortable in their own shoes.

In 2002, Crocs introduced the world to a unique brand that nobody had ever seen: we were different, making some people uncomfortable. Now, hundreds of millions of shoes later, we make the world more comfortable.

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Crocs Black logo

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