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The Complete Golf Bag – By Anokh Jai

What You Need To Carry With You In Your Golf Bag – By Anokh Jai

Hi Readers,
This article is the first in a series I decided to write regarding golf equipment. Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Anokh ‘AJ’ Jai. I’ve been a golfer for the past 25 years, am the Head Teaching Professional at Total Golf Solutionz, but most of all I’m a certified golf equipment junkie! I love golf clubs, experimenting with different club weights, shaft frequencies, taping techniques, wedge grinding, stamping…let me stop before i get carried away.

So, golf equipment.. Well let’s start with what I like to call, “The Complete Bag”
1. The Driver. This is the longest club in the bag with the biggest club head. Predominantly used to tee off, it’s use does have advantages on other areas of the course as well.

2. The Fairway Wood(s). Usually most golfers will have a 3-wood and/or a 5-wood in their bag helping them cover distances over 200yds in most cases to reach par 5’s in 2 or to use off the tee instead of a driver.

3. The Hybrid(s). In my opinion one of the hardest clubs to get over in terms of visual looks. A hybrid, or rescue as it is sometimes known came about when manufacturers decided to give golfers something that would cover the 2/3/4 Iron distance easier. It is essentially an iron-derived face on a wood-derived backing.

4. The Irons. Made of steel, with progressively decreasing shaft lengths and increasing lofts, irons are the main component of your golf equipment. They come in thousands of different varieties but all have a common flat, lofted club face with horizontal grooves and a hosel that the shaft is set into. There are essentially 3 main categories of irons – Distance Irons, Game Improvement Irons and Players Irons.

5. The Wedges. A subset of the iron family, wedges are the shortest, most lofted full-swing clubs in your bag. They have a variety of advantageous uses but are predominantly used around the green and on closer approaches to the green.

6. The Putter. Short-stick, flat-stick, confusing one, money-maker, the putter has been called all these names and more. The putter is used predominantly on the green. In some cases it is the most expensive piece of equipment in the bag. Putters have been known to sell up to $100,000+. Most people don’t think about putter fitting, but a well fitted putter will quickly become the favorite club in your bag.


So this is pretty much the basic introduction to golf equipment. In the subsequent issues I will be talking about each category a bit more in depth. If you have any questions regarding equipment get in touch with Total Golf Solutionz Ltd.


Anokh Jai,  AT.C
Head Teaching Professional
Total Golf Solutionz



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