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16 Apr, 2021
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best baby & toddler furniture

SAPNA BABY WORLD – Best Baby & Toddler Furniture

Looking For Baby & Toddler Room Furniture?

Transform Your Little One’s Room Today!

If you are looking for quality furniture for your little one’s room, Sapna Baby World has the most unique designs for you to pick from. All the furniture are locally made & are of good quality.

PRICE: KSHS 30,000/-

This baby cot bed is simple but comfortable. Recommended for ages 0-3 years.


PRICE: KSHS 16,000/-

This white playpen is convenient for your little one’s daytime naps or playtime. Recommended for ages 6 months+.

baby & toddler room

PRICE: KSHS 30,000/-

This house cot has a rustic design and is perfect for your little one’s slumber. Recommended for ages 1-5 years.

baby & toddler

PRICE: KSHS 30,000/-

This rustic design low profile bed frame is perfect for your little one’s siesta. Recommended for ages 1-8 years.



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