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30 May, 2024
21 ° C
Tropical Heat Cocktail

JD’s Tropical Heat Cocktail By Sunny ?


?Tropical Heat Cocktail?

Sunny’s Tropical Heat Cocktail – A terrific, fruity cocktail that’s perfect for summer, to fight off the heat ?!!


2 shot coconut liquor (Malibu)
1 shot white rum (Bacardi)
1 shot grenadine syrup
4 shots pineapple juice
2 shots orange juice


Fill a shaker with ice and shake all the ingredients to a count of 10 foxtrot, then the pour the cocktail in a tall glass (e.g. pilsner type glass). Garnish with a pineapple spear & place a stirrer & straw then serve.

Drink responsibly as it should be a night to remember! Do not drink and drive! Cocktails can be very deceiving as the alcohol is masked by the juices and syrups!!

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Tropical Heat Cocktail