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11 Aug, 2022
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NODOR SUPABULL 2- Bristle Dartboard Equipped With A Set Of 3 Darts


Nodor were the inventors of the bristle dartboard and have been making the finest quality dartboards since 1932. The Nodor SupaBull 2 represents the pinnacle of the round-wire dartboard technology. The high tensile steel wiring system is designed for longevity and to facilitate high scoring for all standards of player. The SupaBull 2 is one of the world’s bestselling dartboards and, as it carries the Nodor seal of quality, you can be sure that each board is produced to meet the very highest standards.

The SupaBull 2 is produced from the high grade East African sisal and our unique manufacturing process results in a class leading consistency in the sisal base for the ultimate in durability. Always at the forefront of the industry, Nodor invented the staple-free bullseye and this dartboard includes the latest edition of the Supabull 2 system for reduced bounce outs and maximum scoring.

The SupaBull 2 complies with World Darts Federation (W.D.F.) specifications and is exclusively endorsed by two of the world’s leading darts organizations – the American Darts Organization (A.D.O.) and the National Darts Federation of Canada (N.D.F.C.).

Nodor Supabull 2 Bristle Dartboard

High tensile durable steel wiring system for maximum game time, made to official world tournament specification.



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