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22 Jun, 2024
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Dhruva Patel Modelling

Modelling- An Article By Dhruva Patel


“High Fashion modelling for global luxury brands is my sport for 2018.” -Dhruva Patel

The cathexis of my first catwalk on the runway is still freshly printed in my bones. It was a
cold and cloudy night above the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi. The runway for Kenya Worldwide Fashion
Week 2014 was covered with a film of water from a short outpour of rain. It was still drizzling when I
started to walk my first ever runway adventure, the challenge being the slippery runway. It was
finally my turn. My game. I carefully placed one heel after the other, making sure that the hem of
the Paul Saugat pants stayed slightly away from the tips of my heels. The lights from the cameras in
front of me were blinding. The cheers from the audience was deafening but infectiously inspiring at
the same time. My heart was rapidly beating at my throat now. My legs were fighting against
temporary paralysis on the runway as I continued to approach the foot of the runway, but the
palpable originality of this moment was more predominant than any form of potential nervousness.

Palpitating emotions of splendour transpiring from the magical glamour were surging
through me when I posed at the foot of the runway. I could feel the “Peri” formed by both my feet. I
hope Raayan (my Modelling Guru) watched the formation!

I could feel the bold expression on my face, and five years down the line since this day, every
other modelling venture has moulded and evolved my expression as a model into a comfortable

The ability to express myself fashionably is a blue print I discovered when the first
opportunity for modelling found me in August 2014. Pageants, magazine shoots, umpteen runway
catwalks, photo shoots for local and international designers, and fashion videos with Kenya’s best
Directors over the last five years of growing modelling sport has splattered my exposure with a
warm acceptance for a wide scope of modelling opportunities, both international and local.

High Fashion modelling for global luxury brands is my sport for 2018.


– Dhruva Patel-Professional Model

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