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02 Feb, 2023
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H&S Recommended Fragrance of The Week- Paco Rabanne- Invictus & Olympéa

H&S Recommended Fragrance of The Week- Paco Rabanne- Invictus & Olympéa

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H&S Magazine Recommended

For Men

Paco Rabanne- Invictus – 100ml- EDT- 12,300Kshs

For Women

Paco Rabanne- Olympéa – 80ml- EDP- 13,500Kshs

Paco Rabanne- Invictus

He is the Man in all his power, the absolute hero. Invictus. Challenged and blessed by the gods. His scent is that of victory. Invictus eau de toilette is a phenomenal clash of biting freshness and animal sensuality. Two forces that nothing (and nobody) can resist.


Heroic woody-fresh. Biting freshness and animal sensuality. Who wins? Grapefruit and guaiac wood collide. Vibrant meets muscular. Double victory.

An olfactory shock where two forces collide:
– biting freshness: marine accord, grapefruit bark, bay leaf.
– hot, sensual blast: guaiac wood, ambergris accord, labdanum resin.



Paco Rabanne- Olympéa

And if women regained power? She is an absolute icon. The special one. Olympea eau de parfum. A masterpiece of the gods. Its scent captivates and fascinates. Trouble in paradise. A sensual fragrance with notes of carnal salty vanilla, to which one bows. Sexy queen.


Captivating salty vanilla. Jasmine water and ginger flower surrounded by Kashmir. An exponential carnal effect.

A fresh oriental scent built on a “salty vanilla” harmony. Duality between two intensities:

– Floral-fresh impulse: green tangerine, water jasmine, ginger flower

– Captivating sensuality: salty vanilla, ambergris harmony, cashmere wood


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