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30 May, 2024
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Gratitude Letter - By Reshma

Gratitude Letter – By Reshma

Appreciation Of Husband In A Gratitude Letter – By Reshma

I read this off the internet, A wise person once said that you should picture each you and your husband as having an account at an emotional bank. Spending quality time with your spouse is putting a deposit into their emotional account. I want to fill my husband’s emotional bank up! In turn, he will be a happier man to others, most importantly our children. If our emotional banks are filled, this will overflow to our children, giving them all the love and quality time they desire!

Dear Husband,

I know parenting is hard. Marriage can be difficult. When you add these two together, it becomes a never ending battle of trying to keep everyone happy, fed, and loved but also feeling like you are constantly screwing up.

I know it’s been a stressful last few weeks, however I have decided to sit back and reflect on things to thank you for.

Thank you for teaching all of us how to bond over family games.

Thank you for being my sounding board – for listening to my drama at work, friends drama or me just complaining or wallowing. You allow me to let go, let loose and go out into the world a little less scattered.

Thank you for cooking in our household. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Thank you for being so considerate about our needs.

Thank you for making me laugh even when I don’t want to. Thank you for ending our nights with laughter.

Thank you for being my husband first. For accepting me and all of my flaws and loving me despite them. Thank you for being honest and true. Our communication style is gold.

Thank you for allowing me to be a mother and also a woman. For encouraging me to spend some “me time”.

Thank you for encouraging my spiritual journey.

Thank you for listening to my crazy business ideas.

Most of all, thank you for representing wisdom and being the very best in the whole wide world. You are the rock of our family that could never, ever go unnoticed.

Husbands have a way of getting a bad rap.. but this isn’t true. You are the backbone of our family, and I am so very thankful that I get to do this life with you.




letting go in relationships

By Reshma Raju
M.Sc Psychology,
Certified Women’s Health Coach (USA)


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