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Talking About Your Past! - By Reshma Past relationships can be quite tricky. Please understand that we all have a past and your partner may ask about your past at some point in your relationship. Many of us may feel the

Why You Must Travel Together! In life, it’s not where you go, but who you travel with –Charles Schulz Each time we retell a story of a travel, you and your partner is pushed back to that moment in time together, is

Relationship Insights - By Reshma Just because we practice mindfulness does not mean that the environment will better itself. Of course not. Our partners will still argue with us, our kids will still throw tantrums, we will still get stuck in

FORGIVENESS IN RELATIONSHIPS Can you imagine what life would be like without intimacy? What would your life be like without your partner? Your relationship provides you with love, support and companionship. Your partner enhances your life experiences by showing you new

Authentic Relationships - By Reshma I believe that all our relationships with people are spiritual in nature. Our love relationship (with our partner) is also a spiritual quest that not only helps us to grow and evolve, but to awaken. Because

Humour In Love! Research on relationships says that humour not only gets you that first kiss, but helps keep relationships together. So pretty big stuff to say that humour is quite important in relationships.  Why do we tend to value the capacity of

Conflict is unavoidable. Regardless of how long you have been married or known each other or get along, you are never going to be on the same page with your partner all the time. Maybe the debate isn’t something that

Possessive Behaviour Is NOT Good For Relationships! - By Reshma "Let there be spaces in your togetherness, … Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.

When To Remain Silent In Your Relationship - By Reshma “Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers.” No man is an island. Man needs to be part of a society to thrive, because (for the most part) he does really badly

Letting Go in Relationships You can’t reach out for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk – Louise Smith You carry baggage from the past - about broken bonds, nagging arguments, grudges and toxic relationships. It can be

Giving Space Is Necessary For A Harmonious Relationship! - An Article By Reshma Raju Are there days when you or your partner wake up on the wrong side of bed and feel fuzzy in the head for no reason at all,

How to disable autopilot in relationships, how to snap out of unskillful habits - By Reshma Have you noticed what pets do to navigate to the garden or backyard in snow? In the beginning, they're nearly up to their heads in

Patience, Presence and Understanding: Keys to sustaining a relationship? - By Reshma Does the key to a successful relationship lie in understanding oneself and understanding the other? I mean this lack of understanding between two people can be a problem because

Difference Between Narcissists And Empaths! -Article Written By Reshma Raju Opposites attract. But this could be for all the wrong reasons. Here's a bit about the difference between narcissists and empaths (who are the complete opposites).

Why Catastrophizing Is Not Good For Your Relationship - An Article By Reshma Raju Have you ever been upset with your partner for something they may have said or done that was so minor, and told yourself - my day is

Are You In A Relationship With A Narcissist?- An Article By Reshma Raju Everyone would have at some point or the other in their life come across a narcissist. I strongly believe that those who are involved in intimate relationships with

Is Unconditional Love Real? Wayne Dyer said, “there is no greater power in heaven or earth than pure unconditional love”. Many people consider ‘unconditional love’ to be a myth or fantasy that has been a quest for mankind. And yet there are others

Why Broken Relationships Hurt? - By Reshma Why does it hurt when our relationships rupture? Why is breaking up so damn hard? The great poets and philosophers of the past have always known one thing: that we need each other. Such

WHAT IS YOUR FIGHTING STYLE? - By Reshma Fighting is good. Fighting is healthy. Especially when partners are able to discuss their grievances by listening and responding to one another. But the rule of thumb is that the ratio of calm

WHEN YOU GET STAGNANT IN A RELATIONSHIP - By Reshma In all relationships there comes an element of boredom. And most likely when you are in one of these places, you will chance upon some sticky, frustrating spots. These frustrating spots

How to Take The Stress Out Of Your Relationship - By Reshma Stress is where you want to be. Peace is who you are.Loss of intimacy and death of romance are what describes relationships in about 6 months or less these

Appreciation Of Husband In A Gratitude Letter - By Reshma I read this off the internet, A wise person once said that you should picture each you and your husband as having an account at an emotional bank. Spending quality time

Physical Fitness & Relationships - By Reshma Are you hitting the gym every day? Stretching to yoga or running in the park or taking on new fitness goals? Are you doing it alone? Maybe it’s high time you understood how physical fitness

How To Stop Playing The Blame Game! - By Reshma At some point in our adult lives, we all make that crucial decision to share our living space with a loved one. Obviously, we have to make adjustments when we start

What Do YOU Need To Thrive In A Relationship? Be Happy And Feel Powerful If we are not happy, then we will not be able to give happiness. Happiness comes from within, it cannot be found in another person other than yourself.