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21 Jun, 2024
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Beauty & Fashion Tips By Sarah Nderi

Beauty & Fashion Tips By Sarah Nderi

Beauty & Fashion Tips From 30 Things Every Woman Should Have- By Sarah Nderi

Life is long if you know how to live it.~ Seneca


1. Have a Bomb Outfit for Your Boss or Your Date.

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Imagine the guy of your dreams comes and you have no outfit? I know sometimes people are salty and don’t want to admit that they’d like to look great for the person of their dreams. But wouldn’t you like to date someone who takes an interest in how they look? Or puts effort for you? Come on! If you are especially putting some effort in how you look you’d love it when your person reciprocates.

I know every woman would love to have a bomb outfit, if not her partner reciprocating with putting more time in their outfits as well.


2: Invest in A Good Skin Care Routine.

beauty & fashion tips

I have been drinking a lot of water, eating fruits because the fruit season is here and exfoliating. My skin is not yet where I want it to be but it will get there. The writers of the book ’30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Know By The Time She’s 30′, really emphasized on exfoliation, sun protection, and a skin moisturizer.

Take Away: Invest. In. Your. Skin.


3. Keep a Great Diet.

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This doesn’t mean that you lose weight but be mindful that what you eat reflects heavily on how you look.

4. Accept Your Body.

beauty & fashion tips

Fashion, make up and beauty is meant to enhance your best features. A quote I loved from the book was; ‘You can’t change the length of your legs, the width of your hips, or the nature of your parents.’ That said, treat your body with the utmost importance.

Every woman and person has had body insecurities at one time or another. Accept them.

5. Keep a Bright Lipstick.

beauty & fashion tips

A bright lipstick will elevate your mood, and your look anytime.

6. Buy Swimsuits That Fit.

beauty & fashion tips
You can never underestimate the power of a fitting swimsuit. It will look amazing on you, won’t carry pools of water or cling to your skin and hinder your movement.








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