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04 Oct, 2022
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Going Monochromatic? Try These Styles. It’s a crime that among all fashion content I have there is no content on monochrome styles. I love anything on the grayscale, though this is the year I said we are going floral right? Going

Fashion Tips: How to Wear and Pair Statement Pieces - By Sarah Nderi I thought it's awesome to write about statement pieces since it’s something I really love and enjoy in terms of bringing a look together.

How to Get a Week’s Worth of Outfits from 5 Basics - By Sarah Nderi Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil- the silent unconscious unseen influence of his life. This is simply

5 Skin Care Products for Surviving the January Heat - By Sarah Nderi Summer is here in Kenya. The heat will be unforgiving, as we pull out our sandals, maxi dresses, and straw hats, let’s not forget to care for our

Fashion & Beauty Tips,Tricks & Plans for the 2019 - By Sarah Nderi Fashion  Fitting Bras and Seamless undies. Ladies, if you’re going to wear something tight, let your undies be seamless to settle the liner situation.

Perfect Gift Guide For Her This December. - By Sarah Nderi December is really testing people’s relationships and friendships. How keen you’re amid conversations will be weighed when a gift is required of you and you don’t know your friend’s taste.