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21 Jun, 2021
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7 Guest Bathroom Essentials - H&S Homes & Gardens

7 Guest Bathroom Essentials – H&S Homes & Gardens

7 Guest Bathroom Essentials To Transform Your Ordinary Bathroom Into A Luxurious Spa Retreat!

Having guests over? Concerned that your guest bathroom may not be appealing enough? Don’t worry we have the list of Spa-like items that will not only transform your guest bathroom but will spoil your guests & make them feel welcomed, appreciated and well taken care of. So are you ready to spruce up the guest bathroom and get complimented? Keep reading to find out how you can transform your guest bathroom into an extravagant spa retreat!

1. Elegant Soap Dispenser/Soap Dish!

There are so many varieties of soap dispensers and soap dishes to choose from! Just make sure you pick something that matches the whole bathroom theme and is pretty yet easy to use.


2. Toothbrushes In A Toothbrush Holder!

Many times guests who are travelling, forget to carry their essentials such as toothbrushes. It is thoughtful to have toothbrushes in a slender holder just in case your guests have forgotten to carry theirs!


3. Fluffy Towel Sets –

It’s always a good idea to have a fresh towel set for your guests, as a hand towel and a bath towel are a must. Make sure the towels are soft and fluffy just like the thick, luxurious towels in hotels. You can place them on neatly on a towel bar or a bench alternatively you can roll or fold them and place them in a basket.


4. Waste Baskets/Fancy Bins-

A waste basket or bin is an essential! You can pick a fancy bin or a fancy basket for your guests to use!


5. Scented Candles Or Oil Diffusers-

Soothing scented candles or oil diffusers are the best way to make your guests feel welcomed! Make sure you have them in your guest bathroom to make a lasting impression by creating a spa-like fresh atmosphere in your bathroom. All you need is a simple scented candle or an oil diffuser that has a soothing feel your guests will love & enjoy!


6. Luxurious Soaps, Shampoos & Bath Salts-

Invest in luxurious soaps, shampoos & bath salts that smell and feel good on the skin! Let your guests indulge & enjoy being spoilt.

7. Flowers-

Add a touch of beauty to your bathroom with a little bit of greenery & flowers. You can use a single stem or bloom of fresh flowers or alternatively opt for faux flowers if you entertain guests all year round!



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