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Skin Care Tips For Amazing Skin With Suzie Wokabi Of SuzieBeauty Ladies, lockdown is not an excuse to not take care of yourself. Suzie Wokabi of SuzieBeauty calls her secret 'the Holy Trinity' & no wonder her skin is amazingly flawless.

6 Steps To Building An Online Store In Kenya With H&S Reliance Group. With an ever-changing world, you want to prepare your business for the future, this is not the time to say "let me wait a few more years

Wildlife Conservation - Raabia Hawa Conserving wildlife has been an uphill challenge from the very beginning. None the less, there remain committed people who would do anything to see our ecosystems thrive once again. I am so fortunate to be a

The Looming Dog/Cat Problem- Covid-19 is causing changes in the lives of people and animals. So many tea stalls, kiosks and even big hotels have closed down, there is much less food for scavenging, roaming, community-owned dogs and cats. If

How To Clean Your Vegetables & Fruits So in case, you have been wondering have I been cleaning my veggies and fruits correctly before consumption whether you have OCD or whether you are one of those who don't care now is

Simply Chocolates- My Chocolates Are Hand Crafted & Hand Painted With Love.

Ramadan Supplement 2020- H&S Magazine Kenya would like to wish all Kenyans a Ramadan Mubarak! In the light of current events, we would like to extend a helping hand in order to help businesses overcome these trying times and

H&S Magazine's Digital Challenge Of The Month: Dress Your Pet This Easter! Pet lovers here's your chance to win A gift voucher worth 3000kes from TLC! What do you need to do to win this? Design & dress your pet in

H&S Magazine's Digital Challenge Of The Month: The 80's Look Challenge With SuzieBeauty Who's up for a fun 80's challenge? All you have to do is create your own 80's inspired look, then fill out the form below. For Videos, you

Dolce & Gabbana- Velvet Desert Oud, The mystical conquest of the desert. The hidden treasures of the Middle East, the convoys and essences dispersed by burners. The picture painted is one of adventure and mystery, told by the smoky wood

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar This week for Ramadan we have for you Shepherd's Pie a mouthwatering, meaty, easy-to-make recipe by Chef Aakshar Joshi. This dish is packed with meat, mash &

The Power of Forgiveness Inspired by the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Founder of Arhatic Yoga & Modern Pranic Healing- By Shahwana Khanam Many of us struggle with relationships gone sour, some with close relatives or friends or even with

Pauline's Message: 'Believe In Your Dreams' Life is a journey that requires courage, determination and opportunities to be successful. Everybody loves success, but very few, are always willing to pay the price to achieve their desired goal in life. I grew

'Overcoming Laziness On Our Spiritual Journey' - By Khilan Shah Laziness is something I have fallen victim to on my spiritual path and it still catches me off guard at times. About five years ago, during a casual conversation with Paramahamsa

NAIROBI’S REGAL OUR FORESTS ARE GREEN LUNGS!! - By GARETH JONES After good rains, new life often emerges in many ways. Flowers blossom with bright splashes of colour, standing out magnificently against the green surroundings and the dry drab grasses erupt

Alia's Message: 'This Ramadan, Take The Opportunity To Go Deeper & Re-birth Your Soul. 'Ramadan Mubarak to all my friends and extended family!

What Is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? - By Shahela Sheikh Do you have a friend or family who seems to be scared and depressed after a terrifying event? They might be going through PTSD. What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Prioritising Your Mental Wellness, Self-love & Self-Care - By Michelle Arscott In this new global chapter, more than ever before, it is important to prioritise your self-care and self-love, and mental wellness should be your number 1 priority. Now can be

Saijayani Enterprise- Ramadhan Special Up 30% Off: Don'tmiss out our introductory offer. Call of on +254737026609 for more info.


Learn Graphic Design & Microsoft Office Online

ALMAS ENTERPRISE EAST AFRICA LIMITED- Ramadan Offer On Selected Items: 10% Off On Selected Electronic Devices

She Goals Kenya 2020 is an excellent venue for promoting women’s products and services as well as creating a platform where women can meet and interact with experts and other women on matters and challenges facing them in their day

Understanding Self-Esteem - Written By Shahela Sheikh We often say that that we believe in ourselves, regardless of how we view ourselves. This article looks at self-esteem to help you understand yourself better. What is SELF-ESTEEM? Self-esteem described in the simplest

Be The Guardians Of Nature & Protect The Nairobi National Park! The Nairobi National Park will hopefully celebrate 75 years since being gazetted, in December 2021, however many people are currently greatly concerned about the proposed 10-year management plan for the

Alvira Diwan's Marriage Diaries - What To Look For In A Man Before Marriage? Ever observed the matrimonial section of newspapers? The boy's section is from his point of view, whereas the girl's section is from her parents' point of view.

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Pilau is a popular East African dish and is also a popular Ramadan dish! It can be prepared with beef or chicken however our Chef has used beef. Chef Raphael's beef pilau is

"BY FAR THE BEST BOOK On INVESTING EVER WRITTEN." WARREN BUFFET. The Intelligent Investor- The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham's philosophy of “value investing”—which shields investors from substantial error and

Perfect Homemade Bread This perfect homemade bread recipe is divine and another perfect way of starting Ramadan. You can make this bread at home and store it in foil for up to 4 days. Try it out it's easy to make

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar It's the Holy month of Ramadan & Chef Aakshar has some delicious recipes for you. What better way to start Ramadan, than with Chef Aakshar's Rib-Eye Steak

H&S Magazine's Best Artist Of The Week: Michael Jackson, Album: Number Ones, There are rare talents, and then there is Michael Jackson. Yes, the Indiana-born musical prodigy's albums sold like kitchen appliances in the ‘80s, but more importantly, the lifelong

'HOW ATTACHED ARE WE TO OUR REPUTATION' - By Khilan Shah Very often we may find ourselves in a position when our actions and behaviour–although they may make sense to us or we have reasons for them that we are not

Skin Care Tips For Amazing Skin With Suzie Wokabi Of SuzieBeauty Ladies, lockdown is not an excuse to not take care of yourself. Suzie Wokabi of SuzieBeauty calls her secret 'the Holy Trinity' & no wonder her skin is amazingly flawless.

3 Stretches For Lower Back Pain For Men & Women Are you suffering from lower backaches? Fret not! Keep reading to find out which 3 stretches are good to alleviate that annoying back pain!

Kenya To Host The Second Annual Agribusiness Excellence Awards, Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi, Proposed Date: 8th May 2020. The Agribusiness Excellence Awards 2020, is an annual event conceptualized to recognize and award exemplary players making great contributions to the

Jumia Food Delivery- Due to Self Isolation and many families are now at home wondering how they are going to get their next meal or food supplies, here at H&S Magazine Kenya fully support the Stay Home & Stay Safe

H&S 2020 Denim Trends For Her This year denim has taken a huge U-turn in the Fashion world! What used to be in is no longer trendy this 2020. That's right let's bid farewell to those skinny jeans, mini denim skirts

Alia's Message: 'Self-love isn’t about being selfish, in fact, the more you love and respect yourself the easier it will be for you to love, respect and help others.' These are testing times. In addition to all the precautions, we are

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar If you are craving something Italian then you are in for a treat this week! Chef Aakshar Joshi's Chicken Cacciatore is a dish full of incredible flavours.

This box set contains three full-length books: The Atlantis Gene Book 1, The Atlantis Plague Book 2, The Atlantis World Book 3, About The Atlantis Trilogy: Since the publication of the first volume in March of 2013, the Atlantis trilogy has

H&S Magazine's Best Artist Of The Week UB40- Album: The Very Best Of. Looking for that perfect album to zone out and get you through difficult times, this album will sure put a smile on your face. Our favourite track

BEAUTIFUL BEE-EATERS OF NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK A car stopped next to me and asked ‘Where are the lions?’ I answered them in the way I often do and said “Well actually, I usually pray before going to the park, that God

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Penne With Eggplant & Mint Pesto another Italian favourite is rich in flavours, with an earthy flavour from the eggplant & the freshness from the minty pesto. It's a perfect nutritious vegan meal

Burberry-The Beat- 75ml- EDP- 7,900Kshs. DESCRIPTION: An intense and energetic scent with warm top notes of bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper and mandarin Heart notes of Ceylon tea, iris and bluebell add a floral texture White musk, vetiver and cedarwood give

Importance Of Family Mindfulness - Written By Michelle Arscott Mindfulness is one of the real buzz words of the moment, for good reason. It has so many wonderful benefits, including most relevantly during the pandemic, reducing stress (Rammers, Topolinsky & Koole,

Pauline's Message: 'We Can Only Heal The World When We Ourselves Have Healed.' Healing is a journey & everyone goes through it at their own pace. There are days that everything seems to be working out perfectly and there are days

Drop Scones By Chef Hemedi Chef Hemedi's Drop Scones are also popularly known as Scotch Pancakes & are perfect to make for breakfast! It's soft and delicious and tastes perfect with chocolate or maple syrup. Try this recipe following each step

Here’s to the great unknowns. Give it Everything. At Kia, we believe in giving it everything to give you our all. It’s the spirit that drives everything we do, and every car we make. In honor of that dedication, we’ve created The

7 Signs He's Into You! New to the dating game or finding your man impossible to read? Simply eager to know if a man's really into you? Pay attention to the details ladies!! Sometimes there can be mixed signals when trying

OUR FRIENDS THE BATS OF THE NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK Sometimes, there are times when we really slow down to look for the really small things. One morning as we drove slowly down the hill towards the hippo pools, I suddenly noticed

CRISIS: AN OPPORTUNE TIME TO MAKE A PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH - By Khilan Shah Today I would like us to challenge the way we think, our habits and actions, our limits and barriers that we have put on ourselves.

Broken Relationships & What That Entails I come across relationship issues very often. Every relationship that a human being has, be it with their parents, siblings, peers, partner or in a social setting is bound to have a rift at some

Pauline's Message: 'I am a believer that each day is an opportunity to learn something new and pain too can be a lesson to learn from.' It’s in the darkest season in our lives that we get to appreciate the light

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar It's almost Easter and what better way to end our segment of Easter recipes than with Chef Aakshar's Milk-Braised Chicken recipe! This is an easy recipe to

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Chef Raphael's Simple Biryani recipe is a super-duper hit!! It's one of those must-try Easter recipes. After all, how is an Easter complete without our Chef's famous biryani recipe? It's got the right

How To Decorate Your Home For Easter! Even though globally we are all celebrating Easter indoors, it doesn't mean it's got to be a dull & boring Easter! We have some fun ideas to get you into the Easter spirit! Check

Microsoft Office Professional 2019 Plus 1 PC Microsoft Key, Price: Approximately 27USD 94% Off, While Stocks Last. Get one of the most complete editions of the Microsoft Office package, that includes all of the Microsoft office software, with all of

H&S Magazine's Best Artist Of The Week- Ed Sheeran. Album Out Now: No.6 Collaborations Project. Looking for that perfect album to zone out and get you through difficult times, this album will sure put a smile on your face. Our

Keith Houghton- Gabe Quinn Thrillers: Books 1, 2 & 3 Box Set. For fans of Alex Cross, Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher comes this edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster thriller series with more twists and turns than a bag of bloodied corkscrews.

5 Fun Easter-themed Activities To Try With Your Little Ones At Home This Easter 2020! Yes, we are most likely going to be celebrating Easter 2020 at home, regardless of the current situation, guess what every year it is the same

Autism Support Centre (Kenya) ASC(K) is a member of the Differently Talented Society of Kenya, a platform that brings together parents of persons with autism, professionals, and caregivers in Kenya.

H&S Kill Time- Presents Online Games of The Week. During this time you may find yourself bored at home thinking what can I do to pass time while I'm indoors, well H&S Magazine Has you covered we are here to

VISION AVTR – inspired by AVATAR. The name of the groundbreaking concept vehicle stands not only for the close collaboration in developing the show car together with the AVATAR team but also for ADVANCED VEHICLE TRANSFORMATION. This concept vehicle embodies

“People always talk about how scary the second record is,” Dua Lipa tells Apple Music. “But for me, it’s more scary to go back into the studio and try to create something like ‘New Rules’ over and over again. I

Dan Brown- Origin: (Robert Langdon Book 5)- Will God survive science? The stunningly inventive new novel from the world’s most popular thriller writer Bilbao, Spain Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum

Social Distancing = Social Connection! - Written By Michelle Arscott Social distancing is not actually creating a social disconnect, it is in fact creating a deeper social connection. If you are following the global news, you will see many examples of deep

'Do What You Can, With All You Have, Wherever You Are' - Message By Alvira Diwan The phase is definitely Difficult, unexpected and unfortunate. You have an option to sit in your home and sulk about it or to make the

Pauline's Message: 'Empowering A Woman Is Empowering A Society' One day I got tired of living as a 'Shadow' and made up my mind to take up spaces and be the voice of young women living in the slums. Growing up

'HOW WE RECEIVE IS HOW WE GIVE' - By Khilan Shah We have a strong admiration for people who, despite how bad their position is, refuse to accept help, gifts or charity from anyone. Their mentality can be seen to be

Aliya's Message: 'Begin with one area and see the magic of gratitude unfold in all areas of your life.' There is no doubt that we have been hit with one of the most trying times of our lives, and many of

How To Cope & Manage Your Anxiety - Written By Shahela Sheikh How can you manage your anxiety? Over the new decade, anxiety has become an increasing apprehension within our society. Your anxiety can be very detrimental to your livelihood. Mental health

CHEATING THE CHEETAH - NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK'S CHEETAHS As I looked over the plains not far from the Hyena dam in the Nairobi National Park, near the fence a line of a herd of Kongoni was feeding. To their left, a

Alvira Diwan's Marriage Diaries Part 2 Marriage is an important phase of life or a milestone if I may say. It is about a couple working on a strong relationship, build with love, trust and empathy to live a socially approved

Cooking With A Twist: Bringing To You Recipes From Our Brilliant Chef, Chef Aakshar We decided Easter needs to be colourful and can't be complete with Chef Aakshar's Rainbow Cake. This is an easy cake to make and is completely soft

Making Cooking Easy: The Best Of Chef Raphael Baked Beans Shakshuka is the perfect recipe for your Easter brunch. This is a delicious take on the traditional baked beans and makes a scrumptious meal for one and all. It's high in

Victorian Velvet Cake By Chef Hemedi Chef Hemedi's Victorian Velvet Cake is by far one of the easiest cake recipes to try & guess what anyone can try this! This has therefore got to be a perfect Easter addition to the

2020 Fashion Trends - What's In This 2020? Women, this year fashion is all about flaunting what you've got! From bralettes or bra tops to hot pants to long side slits. This year is definitely about showing off a bit of

4 bedrooms all ensuite with attached Dsq. Located along General Mathenge off Peponi Road. Facilities Include Lifts, full power back up, borehole. Each apartment occupies one floor so it's reasonably spacious. Rent inclusive service charge @ 250,000Kshs