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21 Oct, 2021
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Your Guide To A Productive Kitchen Garden – H&S Homes & Gardens

Make Your Own Kitchen Garden Using 4 Easy Tips!

What’s better than having your own daily supply of fresh herbs and veggies right in your kitchen? The good thing about having your own kitchen garden is that you don’t need a lot of space. It’s easy to grow and maintain a kitchen garden and can actually be extremely satisfying as you and your family handpick the essential dinner ingredients required to make a tasty meal. The only thing to keep in mind when designing your kitchen garden is to work with the available space and have sufficient sunlight and other essential nutrients that will help your plants grow. Below are some tips to get you started with your own little kitchen garden!

kitchen garden
4 Tips To A Healthy Kitchen Garden:

1. Place Your Plants Strategically – Remember most kitchen garden plants require 3-6 hours of daily sunlight along with a warm temperature and good air circulation. The best place to keep your plants would be at windowsills in the kitchen or on top of the sink or in corners that have access to sunlight.

2. Soil Should Be Enriched With Nutrients For Best Results – Apart from sunlight as mentioned earlier nutrient-rich soil is also important for good growth. You can add fertilizer such as pieces of dried banana peel that are rich in potassium and other nutrients, to your soil or use red soil for healthy growing plants.

3. Water Your Plants Adequately – The amount of water depends on the humidity levels in your place. So water accordingly, i.e. if you have rains you don’t need to water them that often as compared to sunny days. You can judge this by inserting your finger in the soil and if it feels dry then it’s time to water.

4. Get Creative With Containers – Why waste money on buying pots when you can recycle plastic bottles and containers, or jars at home. Just make sure you have the correct height when planting certain herbs and don’t forget to make some drainage holes at the bottom of the container. You can place this on a plastic plate so your place doesn’t get messy.

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