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21 Oct, 2021
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Windsor Capital Management: Buy A Property In Portugal Today, For A Brighter Tomorrow, As A Resident Of One Of The Most Popular Countries In The World

Windsor Capital Management: Buy A Property In Portugal Today, For A Brighter Tomorrow, As A Resident Of One Of The Most Popular Countries In The World

Windsor Capital Management Ltd

Buy a property in Portugal today,

for a brighter tomorrow,

as a resident of one of the most popular countries in the world

From its glorious white sandy beaches, architecturally beautiful cities and enviable climate, to its quality education, excellent healthcare, and safe environment, there’s no wonder Portugal has become an iconic destination for those looking for a second passport/dual residency.

By purchasing a property in Portugal, or investing in the country via a fund, high net worth investors today can quickly gain residency of the country, giving them the chance to live, work and study there all year round – and all the while, enjoy a return on their investment!


Why Portugal?



Portugal has a favourable climate, which varies by region: the south is more arid, the northwest more showery, and the northeast is characterised by its long, warm summers.

The warmest month is August. In Lisbon, the average daytime temperature is 27.8 ℃. The sea is warmest in August and September, and its temperature ranges from 13℃ to 19 ℃ throughout the year.

There are warm winters too. The average daily temperature in January in Lisbon is 14.7 ℃. It rarely snows there and, when it does, the snow melts quickly.

It is often sunny in Portugal, especially in July, August and September.


Entertainment & Recreation

algarve portugal

In Portugal, everyone can find an activity to their liking. You can swim in the Atlantic Ocean, explore the Serra da Estrela mountain range, visit castles and fortresses, or try surfing, fishing and diving.

Portugal in fact won 26 World Travel Awards in 2020. The awards were given for its attractions, beaches, regions and resorts.



In 2020, Global Finance magazine ranked Portugal 3rd amongst the safest countries in the world.

Portugal also has a low crime rate thus it is the lowest on the global terrorism index – sharing spot with Bhutan and UAE.

The people in Portugal have strong beliefs in their value system and therefore they are friendly and welcoming. They strongly believe in Gender Equality and practice that in politics and business too.


Low Cost Of Living

Gaining Portuguese Residency Via Real Estate

The basic cost of living in Portugal is around 60% more expensive than in Russia. However, in other European states, such as Austria, Switzerland, the UK and neighbouring Spain, prices are even higher. In comparison with prices in the European Union, life in Portugal is relatively inexpensive.


World Class Education

Portugal boasts high quality secondary and higher education. Degrees from Portuguese universities are recognised in the European Union, which helps graduates find work in other EU countries, whilst university courses are taught in Portuguese and English.

The cost of higher education in Portugal is one of the most affordable in the European Union. At the same time, four Portuguese universities were included in the top 500 in the world in terms of education quality and in the top 300 in terms of employability, according to the QS World University Ranking.


The English Language Popularity

As most Portuguese people speak English, one does not need to be fluent in Portuguese to live there.


Environmental Care

Portugal Windsor Capital Management- CITIZENSHIP / RESIDENCY BY INVESTMENT

Ecology is the pride of Portugal. Portugal was ranked 26th out of more than 260 countries by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. The country is famous for its vast number of eco-friendly beaches, marked with the blue flag. In 2019, there were 352: 317 on the ocean coast and 35 on the banks of rivers.



Portugal has a high standard of healthcare. In fact, the Portuguese healthcare system was ranked 13th on the 2018 Euro Health Consumer Index.

The Portuguese Ministry of Health is in charge of managing the healthcare system, which is free and available to all residents, including expats in Portugal, even though some charges have been introduced for services in recent years.

There are around 200 hospitals in Portugal, a mixture of public and private. The quality of care in Portuguese hospitals is good by international standards, and Portugal was rated 12th in the world in terms of healthcare quality in a study by the World Health Organization.

Medical tourism is also a growing industry in Portugal. People travel here for cosmetic aesthetic treatments, hip replacements and specialist dental work.


Higher Life Expectancy

Peaceful Portugal

Portugal is ranked 21st in the world in terms of life expectancy. Its citizens live on average 81.9 years. In 2020, the country was ranked number one in the annual world index of US magazine, International Living. This was due to its low cost of living compared to other Western European countries, quality healthcare, moderate climate, safety, attitude towards foreigners, and excellent food and wine.


Divine For Sports Enthusiasts

Sport is important in Portuguese culture, football being the most popular sport. Alongside football, many other professional or semi-professional sports competitions take place every season, from basketball, swimming and tennis, to volleyball, surfing and rugby.

Portugal is also a Mecca for golfers, with 87 courses currently and growing. It is recognised as the top golfing destination in continental Europe, and some would say the world.


Ease Of Travel

Gaining Portuguese Residency Via Real Estate

There are currently three major international airports in mainland Portugal located in Lisbon, Porto and Faro and, with the arrival of the new Lisbon airport, it will be even easier to get to Portugal from anywhere in the world. There are also a number of smaller airports throughout the country that mainly fly domestic. TAP Air Portugal is the national airline, and operates an average of 2,500 flights a week to 90 destinations in 34 countries.

Portugal’s rail system is managed by the state-owned national train operator Comboios de Portugal (CP). CP oversees an extensive, scenic rail network that serves 145 million passengers each year. While train services extend to most of the country, the fastest and most frequent connections are between major cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, Faro, and Lagos.

Lisbon and Porto have efficient metro network with 52 and 82 stations respectively.

The other comfortable means of transportations are buses, taxis and trams.


Tax Benefits For Residents

Foreigners with a residence permit in Portugal can obtain the Non-Habitual Residence (NHR) tax status. It exempts you from paying taxes on income earned abroad as long as it has been taxed at source.

The NHR status allows the investor to reduce the amount of income tax payable in Portugal. The income tax rate for skilled professionals, such as executives, programmers, engineers, scientists, artists and entertainers, is reduced to 20% from 48%.


The Portugal Golden Visa Program

Golden Visa Portugal Program

The list of amazing things to explore in Portugal is endless and that’s why quality real estate developer, Strokes and Ground, has teamed up with Residency by Investment specialist Windsor Capital Management, to help investors make their Portuguese dreams a reality via the Portugal Golden Visa Program.


What Is The Portugal Golden Visa Program?

The Portugal Golden Visa program is a residence by investment (RBI) scheme designed for non-EU citizens. It offers investors and their families the opportunity to become temporary residents upon investment, followed by an option to gain permanent residency or citizenship after only 5 years.



1. Real Estate Purchase Worth More Than €500,000 In Portugal


The Royal 20 development: Already complete – last 3 units remaining!

Brought to market by established real estate developer, Strokes & Ground, the Royal 20 development, which is comprised of fully fitted, ready-to-move in apartments, is located in the heart of the historic city of Lisbon in the Principe Real district – famous as an ultra-sophisticated, premium neighbourhood where residents can experience the Euro-Iberian way of life in a bustling but quaint, modern yet historical idyllic community.


2. Real Estate Purchase Of A €350,000 Rehabilitated Property In Portugal


Estrela project: Under construction, all requisite licences in place

Strokes & Ground is offering a unique opportunity to buy a rehabilitated property which qualifies for the Portuguese Golden Visa, with their upcoming project in Estrela – one of the most exclusive localities in Lisbon. This project is delivered with pre-approved licensing and architectural permits.

Comprising ten 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, this is a stylish and elegant residential development.


3. €350,000 Investment Route In A Venture Capital Fund

Investing via a venture capital fund, such as The Portugal Growth Ventures Fund, offers a stress-free and tax efficient way to qualify for Portugal’s Golden Visa.



As of January 1st, 2022:

1. Where you can invest in real estate to qualify will be restricted. This means that any residential real estate investment in Lisbon, Porto, or the coastal Algarve region will no longer qualify the investor for a Golden Visa.

2. The minimum investment amount via a fund will increase from €350,000 to €500,000.

3. These rule changes do not apply to any purchases made until the end of 2021, so there is still time for investors to make their investments before the new rules apply.



Windsor Capital Management: Own A Property In Portugal – And Become A Resident Too!

By working with a trusted expert in the space, applying for Residency or Citizenship by Investment (RBI/CBI) can be stress-free and can take as little as three months!

Windsor Capital Management is a specialist advisory firm, assisting global citizens with their Citizenship and Residency requirements. Through a dedicated professional service we ease the process of choosing the right program for our clients, sourcing the right investments, making the application for citizenship/residency and holding the investor’s hand throughout the entire process. Windsor has strong ties in all the jurisdictions we work, enabling our clients to receive the most efficient and highest quality service available.

To find out more about RBI and CBI in the Portugal, as well as a whole host of other countries to include the Caribbean, USA and the UK, contact the team at Windsor Capital Management today.


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