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30 May, 2024
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Pawsome Additions: How to Prepare Your Home for a New Furry Friend

Pawsome Additions: How to Prepare Your Home for a New Furry Friend

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Home Safe and Comfortable for Your New Pet

Welcoming a new cat or dog into your home is an exciting and joyous occasion. However, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for your furry friend before they arrive. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to prepare your home for a new pet, so you can ensure they’re safe, comfortable, and happy in their new environment.

10 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a New Cat or Dog

1. Secure Hazardous Items:

Make sure to store away any hazardous items, such as cleaning supplies or medications, in a secure location to prevent your pet from getting into them.


2. Create a Safe Space:

Designate a safe space for your pet to relax and sleep, such as a cosy bed or crate.


3. Remove Any Potential Dangers:

Remove any items that could be a potential danger to your pet, such as cords or sharp objects.


4. Provide Plenty of Toys:

Keep your pet entertained with plenty of toys and activities, such as scratching posts for cats or chew toys for dogs.


5. Set Up a Feeding Station:

Create a designated area for your pet’s food and water bowls and make sure it’s easily accessible.


6. Consider Your Flooring:

If you have carpeting, consider getting a stain-resistant option or adding protective coverings to prevent damage from accidents.


7. Invest in Pet Gates:

Pet gates can help keep your pet in certain areas of the house and prevent them from accessing rooms or areas that are off-limits.


8. Check for Escape Routes:

Make sure your windows and doors are secure and check for any potential escape routes.


9. Eliminate Potential Stressors:

Eliminate any potential stressors in your home, such as loud noises or too much foot traffic.


10. Get Them Acquainted:

Finally, take the time to get your new pet acquainted with their new home and family members, and be patient as they adjust to their new environment.


Preparing your home for a new cat or dog is an important step in ensuring their safety and happiness. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friend to thrive in.