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30 May, 2024
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Does Physical Fitness Help Strengthen Relationships? - By Reshma

Does Physical Fitness Help Strengthen Relationships? – By Reshma

Physical Fitness & Relationships – By Reshma

Are you hitting the gym every day? Stretching to yoga or running in the park or taking on new fitness goals? Are you doing it alone?

Maybe it’s high time you understood how physical fitness can boost not only your health, but your relationship as well. There’s sufficient research to prove that couples who work-out together stay together, so why not grab your partner the next time you head out for your daily dose of fitness?

Working out with your partner can increase your happiness. Research shows that couples fall more in love with their partners after jointly engaging in an exciting physical activity. Running regularly, training for a marathon or heading for the gym or a swim at night heightens romantic attraction and physical arousal. Exercising with your partner can be a rejuvenating experience every single time and can increase satisfaction in relationships.

Because exercise gets you all hot and sweaty, pulse racing and gasping for breath, these physical symptoms mirror sexual attraction. This phenomenon is a good reason enough to invite your significant other to workout with you as well as look super hot and attractive in their eyes.

There is a concept in psychology that the presence of another person affects your capability to perform a certain task or an activity. The presence of your romantic partner can increase your performance and efficiency of your workout regime. Your speed will improve. Your energy output will increase, without you being aware of it. Of course your partner shouldn’t be a distraction when you are attempting a new form or exercise. So why not master the move and then bring your loved one along?

Working out together helps achieve fitness goals faster. Your partner can be an incredible source of support during a tough bike ride or a strenuous weight loss program. Going through such challenges improves the quality of the partnership in more ways than one, especially when your partner cares for their health and yours as well. But a word of advice: Don’t depend too much on your partner to complete your goals, because it can reduce your own drive to achieve them.

Joint exercise routines also bumps up the emotional bond between couples. Coordinating with your partner, trying to keep up with their pace, mimicking their moves can help both parties to stay attune with each other. This intensifies the connection between you two.

So by running, biking, pounding on the pavement, or indulging in any form of physical fitness with your loved one, not only are you improving your health and theirs, but also setting a fantastic platform to strengthen your relationship with them.



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By Reshma Raju
M.Sc Psychology,
Certified Women’s Health Coach (USA)


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