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16 Aug, 2022
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2022 bedroom trends

2022 Bedroom Trends – H&S Homes & Gardens

2022 Bedroom Trends: The Latest Trends For The Most Intimate Room!

Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your home! This personal space is where you get to relax and recuperate & let’s be honest you don’t just want it to be another ‘functional’ space but a place you can refer to as your own ‘tranquil retreat’. From dark and moody colours, to impactful headboards, and so much more, get ready to check out what 2022 bedroom trends are all about!


1. 2022 Is All About Comfort-

2022 Bedroom Trends
This year comfort is the top bedroom design trend! That’s right it’s all about maximizing relaxation and coziness, hence make sure you invest in plush and soft pillows, luxurious textiles and accessorize it with all the things that give you warmth and comfort as well as boost your quality of sleep.


2. The Impactful Headboard-

When picking a headboard for your bedroom think about ‘go big or go home’. Pick the largest possible size your room can accommodate. After all, a headboard is the most effective and inexpensive way of transforming your space. Pick something artsy, something bold, eccentric and beautiful that will make the perfect statement.


3. Clear Clutter Cleverly-

2022 Bedroom Trends
Hidden storage is the best way to make your space appear neat and clutter free. Think of using smart, bespoke fitted furniture for a neater finesse. It creates a perfect haven for a good night’s rest as your space is clean whilst all your essentials are neatly hidden. You can think of using space behind the headboard or designing a multifunctional headboard. There are so many ways to hide all your clutter!


4. Get Multifunctional With A Seating Area-

A seating area makes your personal space all the more comfy and luxurious as well as multifunctional. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny space for just a chair in a corner or a larger space with a designated seating area, seating in a bedroom design means more space for relaxing and unwinding.



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